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Coffee in the Park

Amazing food isn’t the only thing the Pasta Pantry can do, we also make a rich and bold coffee.

The best coffees use the best coffee systems and we use Nespresso to brew ours. We offer three different roasts: light (roma), dark (arpeggio), and decaf.

The roma’s notes are described as a balanced sweetness and a hint of woodiness.

The arpeggio is for the bold. It’s dark, rich, intense with some lingering cocoa notes.

The decaf is a blend of South American beans and gives off a distinct aroma of red fruit.




You’ll notice the thick foam on the top of the espresso called crema (the smallest cup). That is the trick to the flawless espresso and as a result, the best lattes and cappuccinos too. A well-prepared espresso’s crema will be able to support the weight of the sugar.

If you’re feeling a little wild, a splash of sambuca as your sweetener is also a great option.

Our coffees, espressos, lattes, or cappuccinos are perfect before, during and after dinner or taken by themselves. Don’t be afraid to come in, relax, and enjoy one while taking advantage of our free WIFI.

Fun fact: the term “espresso” is an Italian word meaning “to express.” It’s a play on words concerning the extra press that an espresso goes through to extract the juices from the coffee bean.