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Gluten Free Fair

The Pasta Pantry is very excited about its participation and sponsorship of Sherwood Park’s gluten free fair Cravings. The event is being held on June 8th, 2014 from 11am-3pm at Festival Place located at 100 Festival Way, Sherwood Park, AB. Whether or not your diet is a gluten-free one, this great deal should not be […]

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Pasta Pantry at Home

[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″] Know you’ll be out of town and need something to feed the kids? Have a big day coming up but don’t have enough time to prepare a meal for your party yourself? Give us 48 hours notice and we can prepare a tray of our famously hearty, home-cooked meals to take home […]

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Our wide variety of pasta

There’s a reason the restaurant is aptly named the Pasta Pantry: there’s twenty different types of pasta cuts which we choose four to five to cut per day! With so many to choose from, what’s your favourite? Made from Canadian grown and milled durum semolina flour, here’s four cuts highlighted for your viewing pleasure.

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Four Cheese Pasta Pantry Mac

[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″]There is no better place to go than Pasta Pantry for a home-cooked dish and there is nothing that screams home-cooked meal more than the mouth-watering four cheese Dishin’ up the perfect plate of Mac n Cheese.[/su_column] [su_column size=”2/5″][/su_column] [su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″] Mac and Cheese by Pasta Pantry. Mac N’ Cheese is a […]

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Death By Chocolate

[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″] For the chocolate lover, the Pasta Pantry’s dessert “Death by Chocolate,” as the name suggests, drowns whomever eats it in layers upon layers of chocolate and then sends them off to chocolate heaven to float around on whipped cream clouds. The dessert first starts with a layer of chocolate cake, then a […]

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#BringOnTheGarlic with Pasta Pantry on Instagram!

Attention, pasta lovers: Pasta Pantry is now on Instagram! Worried you aren’t getting enough pasticcio in your day? Now you can enjoy everything you know and love about the Pasta Pantry on everyone’s favourite new social media tool. We’re officially live and you can add us by searching “@pastapantry”. Feel free to share your comments […]

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Best Eats in The Park

We’re extremely humbled to have been voted best pasta in Sherwood Park by the people of the Park! Thanks so much to everyone who voted in Sherwood Park News’ Best Eats in The Park Contest this year, and congratulations to all the other winners who help make Sherwood Park a thriving location for cuisine. All […]

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