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Our wide variety of pasta

There’s a reason the restaurant is aptly named the Pasta Pantry: there’s twenty different types of pasta cuts which we choose four to five to cut per day!

With so many to choose from, what’s your favourite?

Made from Canadian grown and milled durum semolina flour, here’s four cuts highlighted for your viewing pleasure.

The unique shape is perfect for holding the sauce. A staff favourite.


[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″]Penne:
A tried and tested true classic of the pasta world. The hole in the middle, like the lumaconi, also creates a practical way to hold the pasta sauce and is why this cut is so popular. Try it with a cream or tomato sauce. It is baked on our catering menu.[/su_column] [su_column size=”2/5″][/su_column]



[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″]Linguine:
Smaller than both fettucini and spaghetti, this cut is a proven classic that is both well known and well loved. Though all types of sauce go great with this cut, try pesto to really compliment its shape.[/su_column] [su_column size=”2/5″][/su_column]


[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″]Tripoline:
A ribbon ridged thicker pasta similar to fettuccini that is extremely hearty with a meaty texture.[/su_column] [su_column size=”2/5″][/su_column]


[su_column center=”yes”][su_column size=”1/5″]Don’t forget that you can always take our fresh pasta home to cook yourself. Call (780) 467-3777 for more information.

Here’s two tips to improve your own pasta:
1) add a pinch of salt and olive oil to your boiling water
2) with ravioli, a stuffed pasta, slowly boil your water rather than quickly boiling your water to avoid breaking.

With currently just a location in Sherwood Park, don’t be afraid to make the trip from Edmonton, St. Albert, or the surrounding area to try the perfect meal that is always:

REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, REAL FAST![/su_column] [su_column size=”2/5″][/su_column]