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Creamy Italian Salad

Our Caesar salad enjoys a bit of fame here in the Park, but the Creamy Italian Salad deserves some of the love. Sticking to our motto of real food, real fresh, real fast, it is made from scratch daily with fresh romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, purple cabbage, and a creamy Italian dressing. The salad is a healthy gluten free option that is ideal for someone who wants a light delicious meal.


Don’t forget that you can always put it into a combo. Pair it with a small pasta dish or a soup for 11.95. Our soup is the minestrone, a classic Italian pasta soup that is an original recipe of Margaret Satanove’s.


Additionally, if you’re looking for some wholesome family fun this weekend, a chance to win $5000, a way to connect and learn more about local businesses, come down to the Party in the Park!