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The 6 Cutest Baby Pasta Costumes

Halloween is coming up and everyone is starting to research costume ideas for not only their selves, but their children as well! We decided to put together six perfect pasta costumes that were just too cute not to share.

If you have any great baby costume ideas, or any costume ideas at all, we would love to hear ’em!

Hopefully this halloween we’ll be seeing more pasta inspired baby costumes 😉

Anyway: enjoy!

1) Looks like this baby is trying to eat himself! A fellow pasta lover in the making.

2) A definite contender for cutest pasta costume.

3) These parents figured out how to incorporate the stroller into the outfit. Genius!

4) The classic Mac N Cheese for a instant classic costume.

5) He looks like he is worried he’ll be eaten!

6) That’s no baby!

As a bonus: here is a little bit of lobster to go with your pasta!

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