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The Chocolate Coconut Brownie

There has been an all-too-silent contender for the much thought after title of #1 best dessert in Sherwood Park: the Chocolate Coconut Brownie!


They say that the brownie is half cookie, half cake, but the brownie has long surpassed its dessert parents. We say that ours is half chocolate, half coconut, all brownie.

Being based on years of improvements in brownie technology and human ingenuity, our brownie is the culmination of those efforts! A guilty pleasure, this brownie is first baked to a perfect, fluffy consistency, then smothered in chocolate and filled with flavourful coconut shavings.


The only thing left for you to decide is: which is the best dessert in Sherwood Park? Our Chocolate Coconut Brownie, Death By Chocolate, or Tiramisu?

You be the judge.