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Nathan’s Pick Of The Week

With our variety of proteins, salads, pasta cuts, and numerous sauces, it can sometimes be difficult to pick exactly what you want to eat at Pasta Pantry. We can certainly understand that there’s just too much amazing food to choose from! That’s why we questioned our owner–and resident Pasta Pantry expert–Nathan Satanove on what he was currently into eating. Here’s what he picked:

Today, he treated himself to a linguine with four cheese sauce, a single meatball with a little bit of pesto drizzled on top. With the meal, he also ordered up our classic caesar with homemade dressing (dressing available for purchase). Trust us, it’s as good as it looks… or don’t trust us! You can always come in and try it for yourself!


The meal is part of our pasta and salad combo and will run you $11.95. Add an extra meatball on top for just an extra 1.99 or 3 for $5.00. 

IMG_1952 IMG_1957
So the next time you’re in Sherwood Park and you have a craving for something that is “REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, REAL FAST,” stop by Pasta Pantry and give this combo a try! We’ll be waiting 😉