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Oil Kings Giveaway Contest!

Love the Oil Kings? Love Pasta Pantry? Looking for a great Christmas present for your family and friends? We may have exactly what you’re looking for!Over the holiday season, we’re giving you five chances to win four tickets to an Oil Kings game of your choice and a pre-game dinner at Pasta Pantry. Your last […]

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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Pasta

There is a growing number of scientific studies proving that pasta and a pasta centric diet has some surprising health benefits! This is largely due to their low glycemic (blood sugar) index, which is made even lower when proteins, olive oil, or vegetables are added. Here are just a few of the surprising health benefits […]

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What’s Your Perfect Pasta Combo?

At Pasta Pantry, we know everyone has a wide variety of tastes and preferences, which is why we let you choose exactly what type of pasta you prefer. We supply all the fixings, which are made fresh daily, and you get to have your choice of pasta cut, pasta sauce, and a protein.With all these […]

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The Chocolate Coconut Brownie

There has been an all-too-silent contender for the much thought after title of #1 best dessert in Sherwood Park: the Chocolate Coconut Brownie! They say that the brownie is half cookie, half cake, but the brownie has long surpassed its dessert parents. We say that ours is half chocolate, half coconut, all brownie.Being based on […]

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An Italian Classic: Minestrone Soup

A Margaret Satanove original recipe, the Minestrone soup is an old Italian classic. The soup dates back to before the Roman Empire, and with such a long history, it has been improved over a few thousand years until it reached Pasta Pantry. Once it got to the Pasta Pantry, it was, of course, perfected. So […]

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Family Matters: 10 and Under Never Ending Pasta

The life of a parent can be hectic when you’re running between various sports practices, school events, your work, home life, and other extra-curricular activities. Sometimes you don’t have time to sit down and cook a healthy meal for your children. That is where the Pasta Pantry comes in. Dedicated to giving you “REAL FOOD, […]

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