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What’s Your Perfect Pasta Combo?

At Pasta Pantry, we know everyone has a wide variety of tastes and preferences, which is why we let you choose exactly what type of pasta you prefer. We supply all the fixings, which are made fresh daily, and you get to have your choice of pasta cut, pasta sauce, and a protein.

With all these choices, it might be a little daunting, so to start you off, here’s what our owner, Nathan Satanove, is into this week:

First, he starts it off with the lumaconi cut, a staff favourite.

Next he smothers it all in the hot Italian sausage sauce.


Now, you could stop there, or you could act like a true veteran and add a splash of four cheese sauce.


Then add a few squirts of pesto:


Top it all off with our oven baked chicken breast, the chicken parmigianas.


if you’re still feeling hungry after all this, Nathan said he follows this up with our Italian salad, a fresh bun, and then a 20 minute power nap. A true Italian feast always ends in a 20 minute power nap.

Now he want to hear what your favourite pasta dish is!