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In The Community: Competitive Thread

For the better part of four years, we’ve been teamed up with Competitive Thread and have been providing the hockey program with their daily nutritional fuel through a lunch program. Our lunch program has quickly taken off amongst their players, with a starting rate just shy of a 50% buy-in, to a now near 100% buy in of all players. Obviously, our pasta fuel is giving them some kind of competitive edge!

Competitive Thread offers testing and development to emerging Albertan athletes and teams that is individualized to both single athletes and entire teams. This is not your standard private skill training session. Through their testing system, players are able to see measurable benchmarks and are able to identify their strengths and weakness and what they need to do to get to the next level in their athletic future. Competitive Thread also takes their testing scores and is able to compare them to their normative age group, size, and level to get a true evaluation for where they stand.

This type of objective measurable information is an invaluable resource for an athlete’s progression in their sport.

If you’re interested, they still have some room left in their up coming development camps, which you can learn more about on their BRAND NEW website here: – You can also add them on Twitter @comp_thread and their Facebook is CompetitiveThread

“Competitive thread, you dream, we show you how to get there.”

If you are interested in the development side of the program, which we are proudly a sponsor of (along with KAL tire and Sherwood Ford), you can see their open availability here: