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Never Get A Pasta Stain Again With These Easy Tips!

Look, we all know once you come through our doors, all bets are off. You are getting your favourite plate of Pasta Pantry and you’re demolishing the entire thing and probably asking for seconds. We get it. That plate of pasta doesn’t stand a chance. But every once in a while, in your pasta-driven passion, you’re bound to get a little too wild and let a little sauce drip onto your shirt. But never fear, your local Sherwood Park Trattoria is here with a few tips in guarding against your pasta spills!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is wear red, because sauce (tomato sauce) is red. That way stains will easily wash right out should they occur. It’s simple, it’s genius, it’s dad-inspired:




Next, unfold a napkin and place it on your lap and tuck one into the front of your shirt to protect yourself from any pasta sauce that decides to go rogue. You should also have an extra napkin handy to dab the corners of your mouth. If you’re worried that the person you’re eating with will question your over-use of a napkin, just ask them a question every time you go to dab your mouth, which will distract them from your dabbing (and will make you seem more engaged in conversation). You’ll be both stain free and an expert conversationalist.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.14.56 AM


Next, and this is especially pertinent if you ordered a long pasta, but can be used if you ordered short too–make sure you have a spoon on hand! For long noodles, you can use it as a small platform to roll your pasta into perfectly bite sized pieces that won’t have any stray noodles flopping all over the place! But what’s more, you can use it to hold underneath your fork as you bring the pasta to your mouth, and it’ll catch any dripping sauce that may try to escape from your fork.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.26.58 AM

Speaking of mouths (we’re always speaking of mouths at Pasta Pantry), this is about the simplest, but most effective way you can eat pasta without making a mess: open your mouth up wide enough that you aren’t hitting the side of your mouth with the pasta. But be careful! Don’t open your mouth up so wide it’s strenuous. You’ll look silly. And the last thing you want to do while wearing your red shirt, your napkin bib and apron, and religiously holding your spoon under your fork while dabbing your mouth every few seconds, is look silly.

But in all honesty, bibs are optional, and the only thing you have to do at Pasta Pantry is enjoy your meal! And we promise, you will, because it’s the place to always get “REAL FOOD, REAL FAST, REAL FRESH!”

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