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Pasta Pantry Is Putting Meals On The Tables Of Those In Need

We’re excited to announce that Pasta Pantry is helping children and their families fill their bellies and give them the strength to improve their health! We’re teaming up with FC Edmonton and the Ronald McDonald House to put meals on the tables of families who need our help and we couldn’t be happier about it!

A tragedy strikes a family and their child is stricken with a serious illness or injury. Often, this happens to a family that isn’t close to an appropriate hospital or medical service and they need to relocate their entire family to be near that facility for days, or weeks, or more! Not only is this morally devastating, but it can also be expensive for a family that drops everything, including work commitments. They still need to feed, clothe, and care for their entire family. What the Ronald McDonald House does is provide a place to stay and food to eat for more than 10,000 families a year at little to no cost to them. This allows the children to get the loving care they need from both the medical practitioners and their families in order to get well. However, the money for their accommodations, food, and everything else, has to come from somewhere. This is where Pasta Pantry comes in.

In a partnership with FC Edmonton, Pasta Pantry will be participating in “Goals for a Cause.” We will be providing a meal for the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton for each goal that FC Edmonton scores during the 2015 NASL regular season home games. A few select players from FC Edmonton will be hand delivering the the food to the Ronald McDonald. Hopefully fuelled by the power of “REAL FOOD, REAL FAST, REAL FRESH,” these children can get the strength the need to get healthier!

So, the next time you tune into an FC Edmonton, make sure to cheer extra hard for them to score, because not only will your favourite NASL team be putting points on the board, but they’ll also be putting food in the bellies of grieving families.

If you want to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House, or see how you can help, go here: