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The 10 Most Important Pasta Facts You’ll Ever Need

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Since we’re dedicated to bringing you the best in everything and anything pasta related, we’ve written up 10 pasta tips to get the most from your pasta at home. The very first thing you’re going to want to start with is picking up some of our homemade pasta. You can see our options for our for our made fresh daily pasta HERE. 

Now that you got yourself some of our pasta, here’s how to get the most out of your home-cooked meal!

1) Generously salt your pasta water. Do not add salt to the sauce. Your salt water should taste almost like seawater.

2) Do not let your pasta dry off. Drain the water, but don’t let it sit. It will start to stick together if you do.

3) Don’t rinse your pasta after draining unless you are making cold pasta. The starch and salt on the cooked pasta is crucial to the flavour and richness of a good pasta.

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4) Save the pasta water. Add a spoonful of it to your sauce after you have mixed the cooked pasta into it. This will help the sauce adhere to the cooked pasta and will improve each bite!

5) The ratio of pasta to water matters. Having too much water increases the boiling point and can lead to the pasta being cooked too long and being overdone.

6) A perfectly cooked pasta is a little hard to the tooth. If it sticks to your gums, it is overdone. This is called “Al Dente” which means literally “to the tooth.”

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10) Skip all the aforementioned steps and come into Pasta Pantry! Where you’ll always get “REAL FOOD, REAL FRESH, REAL FAST.”

See you soon, Sherwood Park!