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Pasta Pantry’s Guide for Gluten Free Dining!

When you think of Italian dining, a few foods come to mind: pounds of endless pasta paired with some savoury sauces, a crunchy Caesar salad, and some mouth-watering meatballs.
Most of us are able to enjoy every item on the menu, but there are some people who might not be able to have all of the home-style meals Pasta Pantry offers. Dealing with allergies and food sensitivities, especially involving gluten, can be hard because not every restaurant is equipped to handle those special diets. To make meals that are gluten free requires careful planning and knowledge into what foods contain gluten, even in trace amounts. Luckily, Pasta Pantry offers delectable alternatives to those who are dealing with gluten intolerances or have celiac disease.

gluten pasta

Pasta Pantry’s gluten free corn pasta is imported from the motherland, Italy. It’s non-GMO, meaning that the pasta is all natural and free of any genetic modifications. You can also enjoy it with either our meat, tomato vegetable, or four cheese sauces, all of which contain no gluten.

Want to complement your meal with a gluten free salad? Past Pantry‘s homemade Italian salad comes with romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes and topped with our creamy dressing. Our Caesar salads are a popular choice for our gluten free diners. With fresh romaine lettuce and a healthy amount of Parmesan cheese, you’ll be going for seconds while keeping in line with your food needs (don’t worry, we’ll hold on to those croutons!)

caesar salad

We take careful consideration when preparing out meatballs. You’ll still be able to get all kinds of flavour with Pasta Pantry’s blend of pork, beef, and spices. Our meatballs will be the perfect companions to your gluten free pasta plate and Caesar salad!

Finally, clear your schedules, because Pasta Pantry is the main sponsor of the 3rd annual Gluten Free Cravings, Sherwood Park’s only gluten free food sampling fair and expo! For more information, check out the flyer down below. We hope to see you there on June 7th!

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