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Meet Our Meatball!

We know it’s been awhile since you’ve sunk your teeth into a delicious Italian meatball, especially one from your favourite Trattoria. Have you ever wondered how it’s made?

First, we throw some ground beef and pork into a giant bowl and mix in salt, pepper, and some other secret Pasta Pantry ingredients. We use a ratio of 3 parts beef and 1 part pork to create that tender, meaty texture and consistency. Once that’s taken care of, we start shaping them into those perfect little balls you’ve probably seen in the restaurant and on other people’s plates. We make sure they’re evenly rolled before we put them to cook.


Pasta Pantry’s meatballs are made from the best Alberta beef and pork available. It might take a little extra work on our end, but we want to make sure you’re getting the full Pasta Pantry experience when you come in!

The best part about our meatballs is all the different combinations you can make. Want to pair your meatballs with pasta and some pesto? How about adding them to some of our one-of-a-kind tomato soup? At Pasta Pantry, all of this is possible and experimenting to find your favourite combination is highly encouraged! While they wait to be devoured, the meatballs sit in a pool of yummy sauce.

Have no fear celiacs and those working with gluten intolerances! Pasta Pantry’s meatballs have no ingredients that conflict with your diet. These Pasta Pantry meatballs are both delicious and nutritious and for a mere $1.99, you can experience all of the mouth watering flavours contained in these meaty entrees. But we know you won’t stop at a single one. That’s why you can get a trio of meatballs for only $5!
Head over to Pasta Pantry for lunch or dinner and try some of our meatballs today! If you want to dine on meatballs at a private function or event, give us a call and we’ll whip some up for you! We make them by the dozen so you’ll never have to worry about running out. In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter to keep with everything at Pasta Pantry!