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Oven Roasted Italian Sausage: Pasta Pantry Edition

When was the last time you’ve enjoyed some sausage with your Pasta Pantry meal? You might have had some other types like Kielbasa or Bratwurst before, but those varieties can’t compare to the almighty Italian sausage. Pasta Pantry is confident that once you try our over roasted Italian sausage, you’ll never go back for another kind ever again.

Pasta Pantry’s Italian sausages come from a local deli in Edmonton’s Little Italy area. This was a conscious decision by our team: we wanted to give our hungry customers those big Italian flavours that we grew up with while still supporting a great local organization. The result has been a win-win for everyone, especially all the hungry Edmonton and Sherwood Park residents out there.

Our process for making those juicy Italian sausages may look hard, but it’s really simple. We start by roasting them with tons of onions (is there such thing as an Italian meal without onions?) to develop those wonderful aromas.


But wait, there’s more! Those delicious sausages then go into a beautiful bath of sauce with some green peppers, red peppers, and some other secret spices that you’ll enjoy. When they mix together, the sausages pick up the extra flavor of everything in the mixture, resulting in a mouthful of deliciousness that fit with our motto of “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!”

The best part about Italian sausages? They’re extremely versatile! Pair it with pasta or break them down and use the meat with one of our sauces or soups for some unique lunch or dinner experiences!


Try our Italian sausage today and keep up with all of our Pasta Pantry related news on Twitter and Facebook!