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10 Tiramisu Tips That Will Blow Your Mind!

Don’t you think it’s time to have a Pasta Pantry tiramisu? If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re in for a treat. We like to call it “sophisticated sin” for a reason: it’s the perfect combination of lady fingers, mascarpone, and cocoa and is a great alternative if you’re craving a dessert that isn’t too sweet.

After reading this post, you’ll discover ten new tips about the famed Italian dessert (we apologize in advance if these pictures make you start drooling!)


1. The English translation of “tiramisu” is “pick me up,” probably due to the caffeine from the espresso.

2. The secret to a true tiramisu? Mascarpone! Most people use regular cream cheese, but in order to get the real deal, you need to try is with this Italian specialty. If you can’t find marscarpone in the grocery store, try your nearest Italian store.

3. Try swapping those ladyfingers with sponge cake! Although we prefer going with the tried and true method of using ladyfingers, sponge cake can work if you’re in a pinch.

4. Those ladyfingers need time to absorb all of those wonderful flavours. Make sure you give it a few hours in the refrigerator or better yet, let it sit overnight.

5. It’s not a tiramisu unless there’s cocoa powder involved! Once you’ve layered those ladyfingers, top your tiramisu with a generous amount of cocoa!

6. Stale ladyfingers should be used instead of fresh ones. This is because the fresh ones tend to become soggy when they absorb the liquids in the tiramisu.

tiramisu 3

7. Cut the sugar! An Italian tiramisu uses less sweet stuff than the desserts most of us are accustomed to having.

8. Alcohol isn’t always needed! Many purists believe rum transforms a tiramisu, but it’s not essential if Always err on the side of caution when adding wine or rum to your tiramisu and let your guests know in advance. (Don’t worry, our Pasta Pantry tiramisu is alcohol free and can be enjoyed by all!)

9. Experiment with different liquids! While it’s hard to drop the espresso, some people have had great results with lemon and strawberry juice for a refreshing alternative.

10. Want to take your tiramisu up another notch? Try adding some zabaglione! It’s a classic Italian dessert made with egg yolks and sugar and it has the power to add an extra dimension to an already delicious dish!

Are those ten tiramisu tips making you hungry? If so, why don’t you stop at Pasta Pantry today? We make our tiramisu daily and pride ourselves on supplying the hungry people of Edmonton and Sherwood with a fantastic series of Italian delights! $4.95 gets you a big slice of the best tiramisu you’ve ever had. If you’re thinking about having some tiramisu for your next party or event, give us a call ahead of time if you’re interested in a 12 person tray for only $35. We generally portion out 12 generously sized pieces, but you can just as easily turn them into 24 squares so everyone gets a piece.