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5 (More) Surprising Health Benefits of Pasta!

We’ve already established that pasta is the the most perfect food on the planet (okay, sometimes garlic takes the top spot, but we can’t help it!) It’s no wonder why this Italian staple has become a worldwide hit. Pasta is a cost effective and filling meal and the endless amount of sauces and entrees give you no excuses to feast on a plate of the good stuff!

While most people believe pasta is strictly a comfort food, there are also a number of health benefits associated with this amazing dish. We’ve outlined five fantastic reasons why you should be having more pasta in the pas-ta (we love a good pasta pun) but here are five more reasons why you should pile your plate to the sky with pasta.


1. Pasta Helps with Hair Growth!

Whole wheat pasta is packed with folic acid, one of the many B vitamins our body needs for everyday functions. This is important because we can’t make them independently unlike other vitamins. As such, our bodies need to find an outside source to get in our system. Folic acid promotes the growth of healthy, colourful hair; conversely, a lack of folic acid can lead to poor hair growth and even grey hair.


2. Pasta Contains Every Athlete’s Secret Weapon for Recovery!

Pasta is rich in potassium, which can help you with everything from lowering your blood pressure to making sure you aren’t having cramps or muscle pains. There’s a reason why athletes have relied foods like pasta and bananas in their diet. It makes sure the body is working at an optimal level before, during, and after a game or a workout.


3. Manganese Manages Your Blood Sugar!

While not many people are aware of manganese, it’s effects on the body shouldn’t be ignored. This mineral helps with the metabolization of carbohydrates while also keeping your blood sugar stable.


4.  Pasta Will Make You See Better!

Having difficulty with seeing and reading? Maybe your need more Vitamin A in your system. Vitamin A helps with proper eye development. It also assists in the growth of your bones, teeth and skin.


5. An Easy Way to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Diet!

We all know someone who has trouble including veggies in their diet. Whether it’s a picky eater or someone who isn’t sure what vegetables combinations work together, pasta can be a great way to experiment and try new flavours. Paired with a vegetable sauce or even a dollop of pesto transforms pasta into an even healthier meal!

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