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Take These Pasta Pantry Foods To School!

The start of the school season is always a tricky time for parents. With the hunt for new clothes, school supplies, and other necessary materials, it’s easy to fall back to foods that are more convenient than they are nutritious. Your children are at an important stage in their lives where having healthy foods is […]

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Takeout: Pasta Pantry Style!

It’s time for takeout! While we’d love to have you and the family at Pasta Pantry for one of our delicious Italian meals, we understand that this isn’t always possible. These trays make it possible for some simple tasty options for dinner and lunch (and if you need a late night fix, our pasta can even […]

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The Power Of Our Pasta Pantry Pesto!

Want to take your next pasta meal to the next level? Adding a healthy dollop of pesto is all it takes! Some of the hungry residents in Edmonton and Sherwood Park might be unaware of how powerful this green sauce can be, but once you try our pesto, you’ll be blown away. Today, we’ll look at this […]

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Soup? Salad? Why Don’t You Enjoy Both?

It’s the question that has puzzled restaurant goers for centuries…will you have the soup or the salad? We all know someone who has become panicked with the tough choice of having one and not the other. It’s a feeling that we hope nobody, especially all of the hungry people in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, has to go through; […]

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