Take These Pasta Pantry Foods To School!

The start of the school season is always a tricky time for parents. With the hunt for new clothes, school supplies, and other necessary materials, it’s easy to fall back to foods that are more convenient than they are nutritious. Your children are at an important stage in their lives where having healthy foods is crucial for their development.  Also, the habits and associations they form with foods impact the choices they’ll make once they reach adulthood and beyond.

But we know how tough planning meals can be. When you’ve got a family, you have to consider everyone’s tastes. While most foods are convenient, they’re packed with unnecessary additives that could have unforeseen consequences later in life. That’s why Pasta Pantry is committed to give you a hand in making sure your young ones get a meal that works with our motto of “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!” Before the school year begins, we thought we’d pick out a few Pasta Pantry options that can be prepared at home for a lunch that’s both tasty and simple to prepare.

Pasta is the cornerstone of every Pasta Pantry meal. It’s extremely versatile when it comes to lunches; if you’re pressed for time and need to whip up a quick meal for the kids, our pasta and sauce will be your new best friend.


We’ve got a few different cuts and sauces to choose from, so feel free to experiment and find your favourite combination! These pastas and sauces are the same ones we use at Pasta Pantry, allowing you and your family to enjoy the same great flavours when you’re on the go. Not only is this pairing great for a quick meal, but the sauces can even be used as sandwich spreads or alongside various types of meats for a unique flavour profile!


If you’re looking for a tasty side dish, you’ll love our Caesar salad. It complements any meal with its refreshing, creamy taste. You also get a satisfying crunch from the fresh salad and the croutons. Throw in a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and our homemade-style salad dressing and you’ll experience a mouthful of Italian flavours with every bite!


Last but certainly not least, we turn to our signature dish for a meal that the whole family will love. The Pasticcio is responsible for bringing the tummies of Edmonton and Sherwood Park to our restaurant and we’re proud to offer it as a takeout tray for some easy home cooking. All you need to do it pop this tray in the oven and let it cook. A popular method that many parents have done is cooking it, then dividing the leftovers and freezing them for a portable, microwavable meal that can’t be beat (just make sure you give us a call at least 24 hours in advance so we can get it ready for you). For an easy guide to cooking instructions, check out this post.

If these foods have inspired you to let Pasta Pantry cooking, stop by today to see some of the options we’ve got. If you’re not following us on Facebook and Twitter, make sure you do some to get the latest and greatest pasta-related news from your local Trattoria!

Takeout: Pasta Pantry Style!

It’s time for takeout! While we’d love to have you and the family at Pasta Pantry for one of our delicious Italian meals, we understand that this isn’t always possible. These trays make it possible for some simple tasty options for dinner and lunch (and if you need a late night fix, our pasta can even take care of that). We recommend that the pasta trays stay in your fridge for no more than four days. Some of our guests in the past have cooked the tray, portioned the pieces, and then put them in the freezer; this is an easy way to make some microwavable lunches for yourself or the kids!


These Pasta Pantry trays are perfect for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking or you don’t feel like spending a ton of time in the kitchen. They’re also great for when you’re pressed for time because of work or your child’s after school activity. Getting a home-cooked style dinner is tricky in this day and age, but part of the Pasta Pantry experience is getting a meal that follow our motto of “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!” Anything that doesn’t follow these three qualities isn’t worth mentioning.



(To get the full list of cooking instructions, check out this post where we show you how to prepare one of our pasta trays.) If you’d like us to prepare it for you, let us know when your order it and we’ll gladly do it for you!


You can even pair it with one of our signature salads for a complete meal that’s chock-full of wholesome ingredients! But what’s a pasta meal without sauce? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is apply a generous amount, spread it around, and enjoy! Just make sure you leave some room in your belly for dessert!

Interested in one of our Pasta Pantry trays? Call us at 780 467 3777 to get your hands on one of our trays. We try our best to accommodate every order, but we’d prefer a minimum of 24 hours notice to make sure we can get everything ready for you. In the meantime, keep up with Pasta Pantry by following us on Facebook and Twitter! These trays don’t come with capes, but we promise that they’ll save the day.

The Power Of Our Pasta Pantry Pesto!

Want to take your next pasta meal to the next level? Adding a healthy dollop of pesto is all it takes! Some of the hungry residents in Edmonton and Sherwood Park might be unaware of how powerful this green sauce can be, but once you try our pesto, you’ll be blown away. Today, we’ll look at this basil-heavy delight and give you some ideas as to what you can have it with. We apologize in advance if you start putting it on everything after reading this pesto inspired post.


Instead of adding a whole bunch of unnecessary ingredients, Pasta Pantry’s pesto is based on the traditional sauce our families are familiar with.  This allows you to get the true, authentic Italian experience even if you’ve never been to the The Old Country. By combining  fresh basil with pine nuts, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and a healthy amount of garlic— if your pesto doesn’t have any garlic in it, you’re missing out—you get a pesto that’s packed full of amazing flavours.

What some people might not know is adding pesto to your meal is the easiest way to make your food more delicious and nutritious. This sauce offers a whole host of benefits, including healthy fats from the olive oil and Vitamin B6 from the garlic. These ingredients lead to decreased incidents of heart disease and diabetes and the promotion of healthy skin, hair, and eyes, respectively.


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced a few picky eaters who aren’t fans of anything green. This versatile sauce offers a new way to sneak some healthy foods into the tummies of your little ones. Whether you use it in the traditional way as a topper for a big plate of pasta or as part of a vegetable dip, the possibilities are endless!  You can even add it to your eggs for breakfast, as a spread on sandwiches, or even with a grilled piece of meat!

How do you like having your pesto? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you’d like some our Pasta Pantry pesto at home, you can pick up an 8 oz bottle for $5.95 or a 12 oz one for $8.95!

Soup? Salad? Why Don’t You Enjoy Both?

It’s the question that has puzzled restaurant goers for centuries…will you have the soup or the salad? We all know someone who has become panicked with the tough choice of having one and not the other. It’s a feeling that we hope nobody, especially all of the hungry people in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, has to go through; that’s why we’ve created a groundbreaking combo that will make eating out a lot easier: Pasta Pantry’s Soup and Salad combo!

Instead of picking between the two, why don’t you just get both? With Pasta Pantry’s Soup and Salad combo, you can get a filling meal that’s not only nutritious and affordable, but one that abides by our motto of “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!” But now the big question comes up…which soup and salad will you have? We’ve highlighted a number of possible combinations below. This post will provide a roadmap of what you need to try when you come to Pasta Pantry.

First up: our soups! When it comes to these flavourful masterpieces, Pasta Pantry has two types for you to try: our Tomato and our Minestrone soups. For fans of simple, home-cooked flavours, the tomato soup will be your new favourite item on the menu. Using fresh tomatoes, herbs, spices, and a blend of Italian cheeses, the only thing that can make this dish better is a garnish of Parmesan cheese and our garlic croutons! 


If you’re looking for a soup that contain a bit more vegetables, then our Minestrone will put all of your past soup experiences to shame. Based on a secret family recipe that contains the bold flavours of carrots, celery, and spices—we can’t give everything up or else it wouldn’t be a secret—this soup has been enjoyed by many of our restaurant goers.  We’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure this soup can cure everything!

Our salad selection comes down to two fan favourites: the classic Caesar and the creamy Italian. The former offers a satisfying crunch full of fresh lettuce, croutons, and a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and garlic Caesar dressing, while the latter brings together purple cabbage, carrots, romaine lettuce, and our creamy dressing for a salad that you’ll never forget.


Both of these salads are made from scratch each and every day, so you’ll never experience a bland and boring salad ever again! Regardless of which one you end up choosing, know that you’re guaranteed a refreshing meal that’s inexpensive and full of good eats!

Did this post leave you craving for one of our Soup and Salad combos? If so, come by Pasta Pantry today and grab some today! A small Pasta Pantry Soup and Salad combo will only cost you $8.95, whereas $11.95 gets you a large. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything going on at your favourite Trattoria!