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The Power Of Our Pasta Pantry Pesto!

Want to take your next pasta meal to the next level? Adding a healthy dollop of pesto is all it takes! Some of the hungry residents in Edmonton and Sherwood Park might be unaware of how powerful this green sauce can be, but once you try our pesto, you’ll be blown away. Today, we’ll look at this basil-heavy delight and give you some ideas as to what you can have it with. We apologize in advance if you start putting it on everything after reading this pesto inspired post.


Instead of adding a whole bunch of unnecessary ingredients, Pasta Pantry’s pesto is based on the traditional sauce our families are familiar with.  This allows you to get the true, authentic Italian experience even if you’ve never been to the The Old Country. By combining  fresh basil with pine nuts, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and a healthy amount of garlic— if your pesto doesn’t have any garlic in it, you’re missing out—you get a pesto that’s packed full of amazing flavours.

What some people might not know is adding pesto to your meal is the easiest way to make your food more delicious and nutritious. This sauce offers a whole host of benefits, including healthy fats from the olive oil and Vitamin B6 from the garlic. These ingredients lead to decreased incidents of heart disease and diabetes and the promotion of healthy skin, hair, and eyes, respectively.


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced a few picky eaters who aren’t fans of anything green. This versatile sauce offers a new way to sneak some healthy foods into the tummies of your little ones. Whether you use it in the traditional way as a topper for a big plate of pasta or as part of a vegetable dip, the possibilities are endless!  You can even add it to your eggs for breakfast, as a spread on sandwiches, or even with a grilled piece of meat!

How do you like having your pesto? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you’d like some our Pasta Pantry pesto at home, you can pick up an 8 oz bottle for $5.95 or a 12 oz one for $8.95!