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Tiramisu or Death By Chocolate…Which Dessert Tray Will You Try?

The Tiramisu and the Death By Chocolate: two desserts that have brought patrons throughout Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and the surrounding area to experience the bold Italian flavours at Pasta Pantry (we’re not putting our Chocolate Brownie in the backseat; it’s just difficult to pit the chocolatey square topped with coconut against these two titans.) Finding a dessert […]

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Preparing Pasta at Home: a Pasta Pantry Primer

Call us crazy, but we think pasta and sauce can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or a late night snack, this combination is responsible for satisfying the cravings of many hungry residents in Sherwood Park and Edmonton that come through our doors. But what if you want to get […]

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Impress Your Friends with These Italian Words!

As one of our Pasta Pantry mottos go, “when it comes to good food, we’re all Italian at heart.” Food is a great way to learn more about a country’s culture. While we love preparing a variety of foods for you to try, we also love sharing the history behind some of our tastiest items. […]

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Pasta & Sauce: The Greatest Combination of all Time!

When it comes to a simple, yet delicious lunch and dinner, there are few dishes that can compete with a big, beautiful bowl of pasta and sauce. It’s become a popular meal all around the world thanks to the variety of tastes and flavour combinations out there. If you’re looking for an 100% authentic version without […]

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Get a Delicious Lunch in 30 Minutes or Less!

Lunch is always a tricky time to get a great meal. Because you’ve only got a short amount of time before going back to work, your choices are limited. Instead of relying on the vending machine for chips or a chocolate bar, why don’t you go out and have a proper lunch? In 30 minutes or less, […]

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