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Tiramisu or Death By Chocolate…Which Dessert Tray Will You Try?

The Tiramisu and the Death By Chocolate: two desserts that have brought patrons throughout Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and the surrounding area to experience the bold Italian flavours at Pasta Pantry (we’re not putting our Chocolate Brownie in the backseat; it’s just difficult to pit the chocolatey square topped with coconut against these two titans.) Finding a dessert that can satisfy the tastes of a variety of tummies might have been a tough task in the past, but thanks to these Pasta Pantry dessert trays, you’ll never have to sweat this decision ever again.

Because of all the upcoming parties, potlucks and get togethers coming up, we thought we’d showcase two of our most popular trays. Instead of rearranging your schedule to whip up some treats for your next event, let us take that burden off of your hands.

First up: our delectable Tiramisu. When it comes to a classic dessert like this one, the last thing you want to do is deviate from the traditional recipe. Rest assured, we’ve kept it true to its roots. Made with three stacks of lady fingers that are generously soaked in espresso and lathered in fresh mascarpone cheese, this tiramisu is perfect if you want a treat that isn’t too sweet. We even top it off with a bit of cocoa to complement the robust flavours contained within this delicious dessert. You can grab a slice at Pasta Pantry for$5.95, but if you want to bring some for everyone, a tray can be yours for only $39.95. We portion out 12 large slices, but you can also turn it into 24 in case some people want seconds.

IMG_2598 (1)

For fans of chocolate cake, pudding, whipped cream and Skor bits (aka every person on the planet) the Death By Chocolate is sure to be a star at your next event. Similar to the multiple layers that the tiramisu is made out of, we start off by topping a soft, heavenly piece of chocolate cake with the most amazing pudding you’ve ever tried. We then add a healthy amount of whipped cream and cover it with some crumbled Skor bits, only to repeat the process once again. Like the previous dessert, a slice will cost you $4.95 while a tray fit for all of your friends will be only $35. Of course, we could go on and on about how much love and care we take into preparing this treat and how so many people can’t get enough of it, but words can’t compete with this picture:

IMG_2597 (3)


We know that picking between these two is next to impossible, but you’re guaranteed to get a fantastic dessert regardless of which option you end up choosing. To order a tray, give us a call at (780) 467-3777. We prefer a 48 hour window so that we can take the time to prepare your tray, but we’ll do our best to accommodate you. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know which one of these Pasta Pantry desserts you’d be interested in trying!