6 Spectacular Pasta Costumes!

Who else is excited for Halloween? While we all know how tough finding the right costume can be, we wanted to help you out. Dressing up as your favourite food has been commonplace for many people; in attempt to see more pasta-related outfits in the neighbourhoods of Edmonton and Sherwood Park, we’ve selected 6 of the most amazing costumes inspired by the Italian staple.

We’ve shown you 6 of the cutest pasta-related costumes we’ve ever seen in the past, but this year, we wanted to give you some additional ideas for Halloween-goers young and old. These ensembles are sure to put a smile on every face you meet and range from simple to extraordinary.

1) If you’re looking for a meal that contains all of the food groups, you’re in luck! Show the world how much you love pasta by dressing up in this costume! Just make sure you coordinate with your partner as to where you want to go; the last thing any of us want to see is a plateful of pasta on the ground.



2) When discussing pasta costumes, we have to include everyone’s favourite topping, Parmesan cheese. It’s been essential to many meals in the past and is sure to get everyone’s attention on Halloween.



3) If you want to go the extra mile, make sure you include a checkered red and white tablecloth with your pasta costume! You can even team up with your friends and family and go as a group!



4) Costumes with parents and their children are always a treat, especially when pasta is involved!  For an extra touch, make a lid and put it on your little one’s head, then get them to pop out and surprise everyone!



5) Where are the Mac fans? Throw on a yellow shirt and stick a bunch of rolled up sheets of construction paper for the ultimate Mac n Cheese costume!



6) Of course, we can’t forget about our furry friends! All it takes is a red shirt, a mop head, and some styrofoam balls spray painted to look like meatballs and you’ve got a costume fit for any pooch!


7) And if you don’t want to go as a pasta dish, you can always go as an Italian brew!


Are there any costumes that we’ve missed? Feel free to let us know on Facebook and Twitter! Also, stop by your local Trattoria whenever you’re in need of a mouthwatering Italian meal! We guarantee any food made at Pasta Pantry will always follow our motto of “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!”

Celebrate Halloween with a Pasta Jack-o’-Lantern!

Halloween is a busy time for everyone. Besides finding the right costume and decorating your home to spook all of those trick-or-treaters in Sherwood Park, cooking up all kinds of goodies is a past time that many of us enjoy.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a treat every so often, we all know that everyone’s sweet tooth seems to be rampant during this time of year. In order to celebrate one of our favourite holidays, we’ve got a different kind of treat for you to enjoy. This recipe is a great idea for dinner; it’s also an easy way to incorporate vegetables for the picky eaters in your family while giving them an opportunity to help out in the kitchen.



The best part about this recipe is how easy it is to scale. While we recommend following the list down below, feel free to make more based on how many tummies you plan on serving

To make this recipe, you’ll need:

4 bell peppers
8 oz of Pasta Pantry pasta (for best results, use a long pasta like linguine)
1 large container of Pasta Pantry sauce (to learn more about how to make pasta at home, check out this post)



First, fire up your stove and begin boiling a pot of water for your pasta and toss in a generous amount of salt. While you wait, wash the bell peppers and prepare to turn them into jack-o’-lanterns. Cut the top off of each pepper and remove the stem (but don’t throw it away; as is the case with traditional jack-o’-lanterns, you’ll want to keep the top and place it on the pepper after you’ve stuffed it). You’ll also want to get rid of the core and the seeds. Once you’ve done that, begin carving the jack-o’-lantern face on each pepper. There are tons of ways to customize your, so get creative!

When the water is ready to go, cook the pasta as you regularly would (make sure it’s al dente!). Depending on how much pasta you’re preparing (for some reason, we’ve discovered that there isn’t a perfect formula to go off of since you’ll always be craving for more) cooking times will vary. When it’s finished, drain the water, add a healthy amount of sauce, and give it a good mix. Now comes the fun part: adding the pasta to the pepper! For best results, try adding the pasta so that it looks like it’s coming out of the mouth and/or eyes of the lantern. This will make it really scary!


Planning on making a Pasta Jack-o’-Lantern? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter by tagging us in a picture! Also, make sure you stop by Pasta Pantry for all your pasta needs, including our line of fresh pastas and sauces that go great with any meal!

5 Gargantuan Garlic Facts!

There’s a reason why our unofficial motto “Bring on the Garlic!” has become a popular saying at Pasta Pantry. Without this small but powerful seasoning, our foods just wouldn’t be the same. We at Pasta Pantry believe Edmonton & Sherwood Park restaurant goers deserve real foods that are packed with mouthfuls of Italian flavours; thanks to garlic, no meal will be bland ever again. Whether you’re looking to improve your nutrition or just want to learn more about this cooking staple, these 5 facts are sure to turn you into a garlic fanatic!


1) While many people know garlic for it’s ability to give foods a particular punch, it can also be used as a supplement (now you’ll never have to carry a few cloves with you). Also, allicin, the compound that leads to a whole host of health benefits including boosting your immune system and decreasing the chance of colds, can only be released if the garlic is crushed. To get the most of of garlic, try using a garlic press or a paste.

2) Peeling a bunch of bulbs but you don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen? Using two big bowls, you’ll be able to peel enough garlic to satisfy even the largest Italian feast. Follow this short video and you’ll never have to deal with garlic smelling hands ever again!


3) We all know garlic is the best way to stay safe against vampires, but it also can be used to repel pests like mosquitoes and fleas. Eating a large amount of this pungent food causes the pores of your skin to release a natural chemical that keeps those insects away. If you’re always getting bit during bug season, a few extra cloves is all it takes to keep them away.

4) If you happen to fall victim to a case of garlic hands, there are some ways you can get rid of the smell. Either get a little bit of salt, baking soda, or toothpaste and apply them to your hands before rinsing them with water, or rub your hands alongside a stainless steel utensil while washing them with water.  This should get rid of the smell in no time!

5) If you’re a garlic lover in Ontario, you might want to visit the Toronto Garlic Festival. According to the festival’s founder, Peter McClusky, 5,000 people attended the first event in 2011 and it’s grown rapidly over the years. The Garlic Festival celebrates Ontario’s garlic harvest through the buying, selling and cooking of the now famous item.



Let us know which one of these garlic facts you enjoyed the post on Facebook and Twitter!. Also, make sure you stop by for a delicious lunch or dinner when you’re in in the Sherwood Park or Edmonton area. We’ll even add an extra clove if you ask nicely!

Pre-game at Pasta Pantry!

What better time to grab a bite than before a game? October brings many things, including some of our favourite sports like hockey and football. Whether you’re cheering your son or daughter on at a local event or you’re grabbing the gang together to catch the game at home, having a tasty meal before game is practically a tradition at this point. 

But we know why many people are hesitant to go out to a restaurant beforehand. We all have horror stories of anxiously checking the time and waiting for the the waiter or waitress to come around with the bill. This puts you in a panicked state, forcing you to feel nervous before you root for your team. In order to make your eating experience less stressful, Pasta Pantry uses a cafeteria-style system when it comes to serving your food. This means you can sit down with the family and enjoy dinner at your own pace, or sneak some bites in and get a filling meal if you’re pressed for time. Either one of these options is possible at Pasta Pantry. The best part? Because you’ll be moving down the line, you’ll be able to see and smell all of our delicious Italian eats before they reach your plate!

In order to get you ready for what you’ll dine on at Pasta Pantry, we’ve picked a few options that are worth checking out if this you have yet to come through our doors.

IMG_2549 (2)
When it comes to all things pasta, we pride ourselves in being the ultimate spot to grab a mouthwatering Italian meal in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. For a combo that won’t break the bank, try a a large plate of pasta and pair it with one of our salads! You’ve got an all star roster to choose from in terms of what sauce to choose from, including our Meat, Spicy Italian Sausage, Four Cheese, Tomato Vegetable, Pesto and Alfredo. Meals like these are popular with FC Edmonton, the local soccer sensation (check out this post for more info on our relationship with FC Edmonton and the Ronald McDonald House of Edmonton).

But what would pre-gaming be without a couple of brews? We’ve got a long list of drinks including Heineken, Peroni, Coors Light, Canadian, and Kokanee for pairing your meal with your favourite beer. If you’re not a beer fan, don’t worry;  we’ve also got a series of house wines that are always changing. If you’d like to know what wines we currently have in stock, feel free to give us a ring at 780-467-3777 or just ask one of our staff the next time you’re at Pasta Pantry.

Looking to try our signature dish? As much as we love every item on the menu, sometimes you need to send the MVP in to score the game winning goal. The Pasta Pantry Pasticcio is unlike anything you’ve ever had in the past. This combination of baked pasta and sauce (you’ve got three options to choose from: Meat, Hot Italian Sausage, and Vegetable,) means there’s plenty of ways you can enjoy this plate of tasty, cheesy goodness. And we definitely don’t skimp out on the cheese; we use a blend of mozza, parmigano, pecorino romano, ricotta, and asiago: five cheeses that, when brought together, give you a one-of-a-kind meal.

If those foods made you hungry, why don’t you make Pasta Pantry your place to pick up a pre-game meal? Also, give us a like and follow on Facebook and Twitter, respectively; we’ll keep you up to date with everything pasta related!