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Celebrate Halloween with a Pasta Jack-o’-Lantern!

Halloween is a busy time for everyone. Besides finding the right costume and decorating your home to spook all of those trick-or-treaters in Sherwood Park, cooking up all kinds of goodies is a past time that many of us enjoy.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a treat every so often, we all know that everyone’s sweet tooth seems to be rampant during this time of year. In order to celebrate one of our favourite holidays, we’ve got a different kind of treat for you to enjoy. This recipe is a great idea for dinner; it’s also an easy way to incorporate vegetables for the picky eaters in your family while giving them an opportunity to help out in the kitchen.



The best part about this recipe is how easy it is to scale. While we recommend following the list down below, feel free to make more based on how many tummies you plan on serving

To make this recipe, you’ll need:

4 bell peppers
8 oz of Pasta Pantry pasta (for best results, use a long pasta like linguine)
1 large container of Pasta Pantry sauce (to learn more about how to make pasta at home, check out this post)



First, fire up your stove and begin boiling a pot of water for your pasta and toss in a generous amount of salt. While you wait, wash the bell peppers and prepare to turn them into jack-o’-lanterns. Cut the top off of each pepper and remove the stem (but don’t throw it away; as is the case with traditional jack-o’-lanterns, you’ll want to keep the top and place it on the pepper after you’ve stuffed it). You’ll also want to get rid of the core and the seeds. Once you’ve done that, begin carving the jack-o’-lantern face on each pepper. There are tons of ways to customize your, so get creative!

When the water is ready to go, cook the pasta as you regularly would (make sure it’s al dente!). Depending on how much pasta you’re preparing (for some reason, we’ve discovered that there isn’t a perfect formula to go off of since you’ll always be craving for more) cooking times will vary. When it’s finished, drain the water, add a healthy amount of sauce, and give it a good mix. Now comes the fun part: adding the pasta to the pepper! For best results, try adding the pasta so that it looks like it’s coming out of the mouth and/or eyes of the lantern. This will make it really scary!


Planning on making a Pasta Jack-o’-Lantern? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter by tagging us in a picture! Also, make sure you stop by Pasta Pantry for all your pasta needs, including our line of fresh pastas and sauces that go great with any meal!