Pasta Pantry’s Top 5 Italian Hot Spots!

Every so often, we have to reflect on our roots. Besides pasta, the greatest food every created, Italy is known for many things, including beaches, cruises, fashion, and culture. Each region of the country has its own distinct qualities and in order to highlight what the motherland has to offer, we’ve chosen 5 of our favourite hotspots to check out as recommended by Pasta Pantry’s owner, Nathan Satanove. While it’s impossible to soak up all of Italy in a couple of weeks, these picks are excellent and diverse destinations worth checking out. If you’re looking to trade the frigid winters of Edmonton and Sherwood Park for a sunny, scenic paradise, you’ll love this selection.


Travel Through the Amalfi Coast!

Featuring breathtaking coasts and a gorgeous landscape, there’s a reason why people from all over the world come to visit this scenic destination. The Amalfi Coast is perhaps the best way to experience the beauty of the Meditteranian.  Take a walking tour of the area (even if you’re afraid of heights) or visit the Museo Correale to see a number of amazing Neapolitan pieces and artifacts.  When you’re done, stop by anyone of the nearby restaurants and sip on a drink made with limoncello, one of Italy’s most popular liqeurs which comes from the region. If you have the chance to venture through this coast, we wholeheartedly recommend you do so. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Just make sure your camera has a lot of memory; you’ll be taking a ton of pictures!


Relax in the Cinque Terre!

Located on the Italian Rivera, the Cinque Terre (the name translated means five towns) boasts a refreshing, peaceful setting that is a far cry from the hustle and bustle that is found if some of Italy’s cities. Because of the narrow, winding roads, it’s suggested that you ditch the car and enter the area via train. Once you step inside, you’ll be exposed to the serene nature that will tempt you to call it your new home. Tour the Torra Guardiola, a former WWII naval installation, or go for a swim before heading to a local cafe to grab an authentic Italian cappuccino. Once the sun beings to set, find a restaurant and try some Spaghetti al Pesto. This famous green sauce is native to the Liguria region and is best enjoyed with a platter of succulent seafood.


Go for a Gondola Ride in Venice!

What would an Italian excursion be without a trip through the canals of Venice? Described by many as a marble palace, this historic city has been the pinnacle of culture throughout the ages. Since Venice is actually made up of 118 small islands that are connected by canals and bridges, it is essential that you travel throughout the area by gondola. Once you’ve witness the stunning architecture, (we recommend visiting the Peggy Gugenheim Colelction and the Basilica di San Marco) stop by a local market and stock up on seasonal favourites like Sant’Erasmo castraure (baby artichoke) and radicchio trevisano (bitter red chicory.)


Shop til you Drop in Milan!

Milan, known for its cutting edge design and fashion work, is the perfect place to see a mixture of Italy’s history infused with a modern influence. Visit Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mural, The Last Supper,” or venture through the streets and barter with any one of the local shops when you go shopping. When you get hungry,  try one of the region’s most famous dishes, the osso buco. Made with veal shanks that are braised with with vegetables, broth and a healthy amount of white wine, it’s a meal that can’t be beat.


Dress up in Florence!

As the home of many high-end fashion boutiques, Florence is a favourite for those who want to live it up in the big city. Catch a football game or learn all about the latest up and coming designers. After dining on the most delicious minestrone you’ve ever had, satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of panettone.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Italian places that you need to visit! If you want a slice of Italy without having to travel thousands of kilometres, head over to Pasta Pantry today! Also, if you’re not following us on Facebook and Twitter, make sure you do so immediately to hear all about what we’ve got cooking.

Feast Your Eyes On These Pasta Pantry Foods!

We’ve told you all about how you can get our mouthwatering eats catered for your next event, but what if you want to bring your friends to Pasta Pantry and party with us? If you’d like to celebrate at the best trattoria in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area, we’d be more than happy to accommodate your and your guests! We’re confident that you’ll love our home-cooked meals that are based on traditional family recipes and our selection of house wines. In true Italian fashion, we’ve whipped up a full course dinner that features many of our foods that are just waiting to be devoured.


Pick Your Pasta!

Without pasta, we’d just be a Pantry! It’s the cornerstone of every dining experience and it’s been responsible for keeping many tummies full. Pair any pasta cut we’ve got with one of our spectacular sauces (Four Cheese, Alfredo, Meat, Spicy Italian Sausage, Pesto and Tomato Vegetable.) While you’re more than welcome to stick with one sauce, we recommend experimenting my mixing different sauces together to find your favourite combination!




Grab a Salad!

Pasta is wonderful by itself, but having it with a salad makes it a complete meal! We’ve got two types of salads at Pasta Pantry: our Caesar salad and our Creamy Italian. The Caesar features crunchy croutons, our homemade garlic dressing, and a mountain of Parmesan cheese, while the Creamy Italian contains a variety of vegetables mixed with our signature dressing. Both of these options are gluten free, so if any of your guests are looking to avoid gluten, they’ll be able to enjoy either dish without worry!


Try our Delicious Desserts!

Is it possible to finish without a little sweet surprise? Not at Pasta Pantry! Our trio of tasty treats is the best way to cap any meal. Whether you end up picking the smooth, velvety Tiramisu, the rich, Death by Chocolate or the cake-meets-brownie Chocolate Coconut Brownie, we’ve got three options that everyone will love. You can even pair it with one of our Nespresso brewed drinks for the best combination ever created!

IMG_1431 copy


If you’re interested in celebrating your next get together at Pasta Pantry, give us a call at +780 467 3777. Our little Trattoria gets busy right around this time of year, so let us know ahead of time how many people you plan on bringing. In the meantime, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest and greatest pasta-related news!

Let Pasta Pantry Cater Your Next Party!

What’s a party without food? Whether you’re celebrating amongst your co-workers in the office or have plans to rent out a space, great eats are essential for any get together. If you’re thinking about offering a wide range of delicious Italian foods without breaking the bank, check out some of the foods that we cater! In order to make the process easier for you, we’ve taken the liberty of selecting a handful of our trays that are worth checking out.


Pasticcio or Mac N Cheese?

You might have tried other pastas in the past, but once you’ve tried one of our trays, we’re confident that you’ll be a fan for life. When it comes to catering, we’ve got our two popular baked pastas available. Our signature dish, the Pasticcio, is a pasta dish packed with amazing Italian flavours and a blend of 5 different cheeses. With 3 sauces to choose from (Meat, Vegetable, and the Hot Italian Sausage for those who want to live on the wild side) the Pasticcio is bound to be a hit with everyone at your next party!

For the cheese lovers out there—also known as everyone with a pulse—our Mac N Cheese doesn’t hold back. You get a perfect blend of Grana Padano Parmigiano, Pecorino Romano, Ricotta and Asiago with every bite. Topped with the perfect amount of rich, heavy cream, it’s become a favourite amongst everyone who has come through our doors. Both the Pasta Pantry Pasticcio and the Mac N Cheese can be made gluten free; let us know in advance if you’d like them to be made this way.

Pair it with a salad!

Need something to complement your pasta? Why not grab one of our salad trays? Pick between our classic Caesar salad and our refreshing Creamy Italian salad for a nutritious side dish. The former comes with plenty of tasty croutons, Parmesan cheese and ton of dressing, while the latter contains carrots, purple cabbage, and tomatoes along with its won special dressing. We’ve got everything you’ve need; all you have to do is give them a good mix and enjoy!


Finish off your meal with a treat!

But what would a party be without a little dessert? When it comes to providing a world class meal for your next event, we’ve pulled out all of the stops. Whether you and your guests crave the mascarpone-rich “pick me up” otherwise known as our Pasta Pantry Tiramisu or the Skor and whipped cream-flavoured extravaganza that is our Death by Chocolate—we know how hard it can be picking between the two; depending on how many people plan on attending, you might want to grab one of each—we’re confident that everyone will love these scrumptious treats.
If those foods made you tummy rumble, we completely understand. Give us a call at +780 467 3777 and let us know how we can bring you the most delicious Italian eats in all of Edmonton and Sherwood Park! We get busy during this time of year, so we prefer having a minimum of 48 hours notice if you’re interested in one of our trays. To see what other foods we’ve got available to order, head over to our “Catering” page. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more mouth-watering pictures of what we’ve got in store!

Pasta Pantry’s Top 5 Comfort Foods!

Every restaurant has their own style of comfort food, but when it comes to Pasta Pantry, we like to think we’ve got all kinds of options for our patrons. Since we’re  a second-generation family owned restaurant, all of foods we serve are all inspired by the home cooked meals we grew up with. We want to make sure that when you come through our door, you get to try those same we still enjoy on a regular basis. Today, we’ve chosen 5 of our favourite Pasta Pantry pics for you to check out when you’re in the neighbourhood. Don’t worry folks, you won’t find any salads here.

1) Our World Famous Pasticcio!

We’ve got to start with our most well known food: the Pasta Pantry Pasticcio. This combination of baked pasta, 5 different cheeses (Mozza, Parmigano, Pecorino Romano, Ricotta, and Asiago) and your choice of sauce make this meal extremely versatile. Whether you prefer to have your Pasticcio with our meat, hot Italian sausage, and vegetable sauce, there are plenty of ways to experience the deliciousness of this dish!

A deep serving tray of baked pasta covered in sauce and topped with a blend of cheeses

2) The Mouth Watering Meatball!

Mixed with a ratio of 3 parts beef and 1 part pork, each of which is sourced from Alberta, our Pasta Pantry meatballs are packed with powerful Italian flavours. They’re also a great option for those that are trying to follow a gluten free diet. In order to give you a perfectly sized meatball, we take extra precaution to ensure that each one is shaped and weighed before it ends up on your plate and into your tummy.

A behind the scenes look as to how the meatball is made.


3)  The Magnificent Mac N Cheese!

Do you have fond memories of eating Mac N Cheese as a child? It seemed like your parents would always have a big batch of the good stuff ready to go. We’ve taken that same rich, cheesy, gooey food you grew with up and added a few different kinds of cheeses to give this classic dish a modern update. If you’re a fan of those crunchy bits that pair well with the soft Cavatappi pasta, you can rest assured that your next plate of Mac will contain those too.

a golden plate of cheesy wonders will be yours when you dine on our Pasta Pantry mac


4) The Tastiest Tomato Soup You’ve Ever Had!

Tomato soup has always been the go-to meal for many of us. Thanks to it’s simplicity, it’s become a food that’s next to impossible to screw up. When it comes to our to version of this soup, we like to throw in some fresh herbs, spices, and a blend of Italian cheeses (you might have noticed that we love our cheese blends). We even garnish it with a healthy dose of Parmesan cheese and some garlic croutons to give you a soup that’s out of this world.

A tomato soup that's packed with herbs, spices, croutons, and a hearty amount of Parmesan cheese


5) Our Decadent Death by Chocolate!

We’ve saved out sweetest comfort food for last. What do you get when you take chocolate cake and add pudding, whip cream, and Skor bits then do it all over again? If you said our Death By Chocolate, you’d be correct! Over the years, this little slice of heaven has drawn all kinds of people throughout Sherwood Park and Edmonton to check out what we’ve got in store. If you’re looking to finish your pasta meal with some chocolatey goodness, you’ve come to the right place.

The Death By Chocolate contains an even distribution of flavours like chocolate, whip cream and Skor
Did these 5 Pasta Pantry foods cause you to salivate uncontrollably? If that is the case, stop by the restaurant today! We’re located at 305-101 Granada Blvd in Sherwood Park; to see what we’re cooking up, give us a call at 780 467 3777! Also, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what we’re up to!