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Feast Your Eyes On These Pasta Pantry Foods!

We’ve told you all about how you can get our mouthwatering eats catered for your next event, but what if you want to bring your friends to Pasta Pantry and party with us? If you’d like to celebrate at the best trattoria in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area, we’d be more than happy to accommodate your and your guests! We’re confident that you’ll love our home-cooked meals that are based on traditional family recipes and our selection of house wines. In true Italian fashion, we’ve whipped up a full course dinner that features many of our foods that are just waiting to be devoured.


Pick Your Pasta!

Without pasta, we’d just be a Pantry! It’s the cornerstone of every dining experience and it’s been responsible for keeping many tummies full. Pair any pasta cut we’ve got with one of our spectacular sauces (Four Cheese, Alfredo, Meat, Spicy Italian Sausage, Pesto and Tomato Vegetable.) While you’re more than welcome to stick with one sauce, we recommend experimenting my mixing different sauces together to find your favourite combination!




Grab a Salad!

Pasta is wonderful by itself, but having it with a salad makes it a complete meal! We’ve got two types of salads at Pasta Pantry: our Caesar salad and our Creamy Italian. The Caesar features crunchy croutons, our homemade garlic dressing, and a mountain of Parmesan cheese, while the Creamy Italian contains a variety of vegetables mixed with our signature dressing. Both of these options are gluten free, so if any of your guests are looking to avoid gluten, they’ll be able to enjoy either dish without worry!


Try our Delicious Desserts!

Is it possible to finish without a little sweet surprise? Not at Pasta Pantry! Our trio of tasty treats is the best way to cap any meal. Whether you end up picking the smooth, velvety Tiramisu, the rich, Death by Chocolate or the cake-meets-brownie Chocolate Coconut Brownie, we’ve got three options that everyone will love. You can even pair it with one of our Nespresso brewed drinks for the best combination ever created!

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If you’re interested in celebrating your next get together at Pasta Pantry, give us a call at +780 467 3777. Our little Trattoria gets busy right around this time of year, so let us know ahead of time how many people you plan on bringing. In the meantime, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest and greatest pasta-related news!