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Teaming Up with Strathcona County for Everyone Gets to Play!

As a business that has had a long history of supporting local sports in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area, we believe that everyone should have access to sports. Whether that means an after school pick up game or getting involved with a minor league,  we never want price to be a concern for families and their children.  That’s why we’re proud to announce that Pasta Pantry has teamed up with Strathcona County to spread awareness about their Everyone Gets to Play program.

In order to learn more about how this program can impact the community, we’ve reached out to Nadine Wright, Strathcona County’s Program Coordinator, to ask her a few questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role within Everyone Gets to Play. How long has the program been running for?

My role is to connect residents with accessing the program and its funding. Part of Everyone Gets to Play’s goal is to give low income families free access to our recreation facilities; we also subsidize some of the recreation and cultural programs and allow them to participate in minor sports. We’ve been running this program since 2007.

Besides eating at Pasta Pantry, what are some other ways that people can get involved with the program?

The easiest way people can help Everyone Gets to Play is through a direct donation, which can be made at any of our recreational facilities. The best part about this type of donation is that all of the funds raised go directly to kids and their families for recreational services. Strathcona County takes care of the administrative costs, so donors can see see their contributions being used in the most efficient way possible throughout the community.


If someone wants to apply for the program, what steps should they take to do so?

For those who are interested in Everyone Gets to Play, we get them register through Family and Community Services by calling 780 464 4044. That way, they can access all of the other available services we have to offer.

What’s something about this program that most people don’t know about?

There are approximately 4000 people in Strathcona Country who are living on low income and I feel that this often gets overlooked. People wouldn’t associate this because it’s an affluent community, but there definitely are people who can benefit from the program.

Is there anything else that you’d like to mention about Everyone Gets to Play?

Recreation is really important in order to build strong families and healthy communities. The program gives people that feeling of belonging and allows them to have a better relationship with those around them.


What’s your favourite food at Pasta Pantry?

I’m a big fan of the baked pastas, especially the pasticcio!

Want to help us in providing recreational services to everyone?  All you have to do is stop by Pasta Pantry between December 1st-5th, 2015 and grab a large pasta or pasticcio. For every order you get, we’ll give $1 to Everyone Gets to Play. Before you come to Pasta Pantry, make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter to see what we’re cooking up! For more information on Everyone Gets to Play, visit this link on their site.