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Your Super Bowl Party Won’t be Complete Without These Foods!

What would a party, especially a Super Bowl party, be without food? From sandwiches and sliders to chips and dip, this annual event is responsible for bringing fans young and old together for a Sunday fun day. With the 50th Super Bowl coming up, we wanted to recommend a few foods worth having as you cheer […]

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Pick Your Pasta!

To say that we love pasta would be an understatement. Because of all the different types out there, there are an infinite amount of ways it can be enjoyed. Whether you pair it with a protein with a sauce, it’s become the go-to meal for many people that come through our doors. We’re always introducing […]

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Vote Pasta Pantry in the Tomato Top 100!

What delicious foods have you had in 2015? It might sound like a strange question, but there is a reason why we’re interested in your answer: The Tomato Top 100 is back! As the go-to source for the world of food and drink in the Edmonton area, The Tomato has been a handy guide for people […]

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Healthy Eating Isn’t Hard at Pasta Pantry!

January is often the month in which everyone promises to revamp their eating habits, but some people have the misconception that healthy eating means bland, boring meals. We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to enjoy flavourful foods at home and when you go out to eat. We understand that it can be challenging […]

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