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Healthy Eating Isn’t Hard at Pasta Pantry!

January is often the month in which everyone promises to revamp their eating habits, but some people have the misconception that healthy eating means bland, boring meals. We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to enjoy flavourful foods at home and when you go out to eat. We understand that it can be challenging is to make healthy changes, so that’s why we want to let you know about some of the healthier options here at Pasta Pantry.

Try Our Tuscan Grilled Chicken!

One of the easiest ways you can make your next meal more nutritious is by adding protein. Besides boosting your metabolism and reducing cravings, this macronutrient is essential for every diet (and if you’re not a meat eater, don’t worry; you can still get your daily requirements through grains, nuts, and vegetables). For a fresh, juicy, and organic addition to either one of our salads, the Tuscan Grilled Chicken is the best way to have a meal without a ton of unnecessary calories. For more information on how our Tuscan Grilled Chicken is prepared, head over to this post.


Add These Sauces & Dressings to Your Meal!

You might have had other sauces and dressings in the past, but have you tried ours? Instead of giving you a bunch of unnecessary additives and preservatives, we guarantee that every Pasta Pantry sauce and dressing is made with real foods and packed with fresh flavours. Whether you’re having one of our many pasta sauces at our restaurant (we’ve got Meat, Hot Italian Sausage, Tomato Vegetable, Alfredo, and Four Cheese and we encourage you to mix them together), or you’re buying a container of dressing to be enjoyed at home, there are plenty of ways to change up the flavours of food to keep things interesting.

We’ve also got both of our salad dressings, Creamy Italian and Caesar, and our pesto available for your next meal at home. Besides being used for pasta, pesto can also be enjoyed as a marinade for meats or as a spread for sandwiches. Just remember that a little pesto goes a long way! Visit our ‘Fresh Pasta at Home’ page to learn more about these sauces and the different sizes they come in.

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Our Minestrone Soup!

If you want to stop getting sick during this time of the year, you’ll love this next dish. While there are many variations of minestrone soup, we’re confident that our version reigns supreme. Pasta Pantry’s take on this classic Italian staple combines celery, carrots, green beans, kidney beans, cauliflower, tomato, garlic, onion and cabbage to give you a bowl of soup that is both delicious and packed with health benefits. For only $5.95–or $7.95 if you want as much soup as you can handle–you can try this soup today!



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