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Pick Your Pasta!

To say that we love pasta would be an understatement. Because of all the different types out there, there are an infinite amount of ways it can be enjoyed. Whether you pair it with a protein with a sauce, it’s become the go-to meal for many people that come through our doors.

We’re always introducing new pastas for you to try, but today, we wanted to show you three different varieties and the sauces that best complement them. All of our pastas are made fresh daily from durum semolina flour that’s grown right here in Canada. The following recommendations are worth checking out if you want the authentic Italian experience, but we always encourage you to mix and match different sauces to find your favourite combinations.

Tripoline (which is pronounced tree-poh-lee-knee) is a longer cut of pasta with a ribboned edge similar to lasagne. Because of its ruffled edges, it’s a great choice when paired with a creamy sauce like our Alfredo. Tripoline is unique because it’s a richer, thicker type of pasta that must be tried if you consider yourself to be a pasta lover.

IMG_4510 (1)

Our next cut is the lumaconi, a pasta which you may know better as “shell pasta.” It’s a small cut that’s open on one end and closed on the other. The lumaconi has an empty centre which is perfect when you’re having it with a sauce like our Spicy Italian Sausage. In Italian, lumaca means “snail;” depending on how it’s prepared, lumaconi can be made with or without ridges (the ridges help with holding sauces).

IMG_4519 (1)

Last but certainly not least, a cut you’re probably most familiar with: linguine. Originating in Southern Italy, this variety is flatter and wider than spaghetti (in fact, the name from from the Italian word for “little tongues”). Linguine is most commonly paired with a meat sauce or pesto, but you’re more than welcome to have with with your favourite sauce when you’re at Pasta Pantry.


The best part about these pastas? Each and every combination of pasta and sauce at Pasta Pantry can be yours for only $8.49 (you can also get an unlimited amount of pasta for $11.95 if you’re really hungry). These pastas can also be ordered at home (for more information about having Pasta Pantry at home, check out this post).  If these pictures made you hungry, stop by Pasta Pantry today! Before you stop by, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with with everything going on at our trattoria!