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4 Healthy Foods for Summer!

With warmer and longer days approaching, we hope you’re looking forward to participating in your favourite summer activities! If you want to main a healthy diet without always preparing meals at home, we offer some healthy options from our menu at Pasta Pantry. You can always be assured that our fresh sauces or pasta are free […]

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5 Fun Summer Events in Edmonton and Sherwood Park!

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore the many activities that are exclusive to the season. Whether you’re staying within city limit or you’re heading out to the great outdoors, we want to get as much out of summer as you can. If you’re looking for an event fit for the whole family, […]

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How to Use Pasta Pantry’s Sauces for Summer Cooking!

Sauce can add a unique flavour to any pasta dish, but it would be a mistake to only use it on our favourite food. Did you know that each sauce we serve at Pasta Pantry can also be had at home? Whether you’re celebrating the season by firing up the barbecue for a backyard party or you just want […]

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The Meaning Behind “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!”

Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast is more than just a motto at Pasta Pantry. You’ve probably seen our sign at our restaurant, but have you ever wondered what that actually means? We’ve broken it down into 3 parts (Real Food, Real Fresh, and Real Fast) to show you that this phrase is used for […]

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