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Would you love to try a 3,015 kg tiramisu?


In Italy, most meals are finished with fresh fruit rather than a desert. The addition of a desert to a meal often marks a special occasion. It stands to reason why Italian desserts are often so indulgent and truly unforgettable…a special occasion deserves a special dessert.

Tiramisu, also known as Tuscan Trifle, literally means “a pick me up”. It’s one of the most popular desserts in Italy as it combines the flavours of espresso and mascarpone cheese. Combined with lady fingers, the desert is light and delicious – the perfect ending to a typical Italian meal.

Two accounts relate to why Tiramisu got it’s name. The first account suggests that the name refers to the two caffeinated ingredients, espresso and cocoa, ingredients guaranteed to give you energy. A second account refers to the fact that the taste is so wonderful, it makes the taster swoon, warranting a need to “pick me up”. Whatever the reason is for the name, the taste has inspired a dedicated following.

In honour of the favourite dessert, on May 25, 2015, the small city of Gemona del Friuli hosted an event to create the world’s largest Tiramisu. Over 200 people and 300 chefs prepared a giant tiramisu using 350 kg of zabaione cream, 750 liters of coffee, 625 kg of mascarpone, 625 kg of cream, 450 kg of savoiardi biscuits, 250 kg of sugar, 25 kg of cocoa and 25 kg of whipped cream. The huge desert weighed 3,015 kg when it was finished. We won’t attempt to recreate this massive tribute, but we will offer you a tempting taste of the delicious dessert as part of our regular menu. Come in and try our delicious tiramisu and you will be reminded of why this dessert deserves the attention it inspires.