4 Health Benefits of Pasta

Pasta is delicious and versatile, filling and energizing. We think it makes the ideal meal, and not just because of the taste! Part of a broader spectrum, pasta fits into the Mediterranean Diet which includes plant-based foods like fruits and veggies, breads, whole grains and cereals, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. Olive oil and and fish lend to the main source of fat but pasta meals are the mainstay of the Mediterranean Diet. Not only are they tasty, inexpensive and easy to prepare, but they are the perfect way to incorporate and complement many of the other healthy foods in this diet. Here’s 4 reasons why we keep pasta as not only a favourite, but a staple.


  • Pasta is a carbohydrate that provides the crucial fuel of glucose to your brain and muscles. Pasta, a complex carbohydrate, helps sustain energy by providing a slow release rather than a quick burst like you would get with simple sugars.


  • Not only is pasta is very low in sodium but it is cholesterol-free! In each cup of enriched pasta you can find a good source of iron and several B-vitamins, among other essential nutrients. Try whole wheat pasta to receive 25% of your daily fibre requirements.


  • There are roughly 100 micrograms of folic acid, or 25% of the recommended daily intake in one serving of pasta. Folic acid is an important vitamin essential for women of child-bearing age.


  • Pasta has a low Glycemic Index (GI), meaning it won’t spike your blood sugar levels.


Enjoy pasta as part of your balanced diet! Swing by and enjoy a fresh dish of pasta with us at Pasta Pantry or take some of our homemade pasta to go.


Grab A Pasta And Support Everybody Gets to Play!

Everybody Gets to Play: Recreation Without Barriers

Everybody Gets To Play in Strathcona County

Everybody Gets to Play is a Strathcona County program aimed at increasing access to recreation services for residents who have a limited income. Bringing health and wellness opportunities to everyone is the name of game, and Pasta Pantry is thrilled to be supporting this important community initiative. We will be donating $1 from every large pasta sold to Everybody Gets to Play until February 18th!

Everybody Gets To Play

On Family Day, Monday, February 20, 100% of all admission fees at Strathcona County recreation facilities will be donated to Everybody Gets to Play. Just another great reason to round up your family and go play! Unplug from technology and enjoy the wealth of activities with your family and help support Everybody Gets to Play. Discover all the events going on around Strathcona County on their website!

Grab a pasta, support the community and enjoy an active Family Day!

Please note Pasta Pantry will be closed Sunday and Monday for Family Day.


Bring On The Garlic!

Find out the facts beyond the flavour of this Pasta Pantry favourite!


Ahhhh, garlic – not only a Pasta Pantry staple for nearly 25 years but a worldwide seasoning and medicinal agent used for several thousands of years! Found in nearly all of our dishes, there’s a reason we’re always exclaiming “Bring On The Garlic”! Garlic adds that perfect zest and spice, sweetening up when cooked and adding heat when raw. We all have our favourite variation (some more than others!) but garlic is here to stay when it comes to Italian cuisine. Here’s a few fun facts about glorious garlic!


The average person consumes around two pounds of garlic per year, which works out to about 302 cloves per person per year, as each clove typically weighs about 3 grams.

Garlic hosts a whole array of health benefits, including the ability to lower cholesterol, combat heart disease and nourish the body with tons of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.

You can use garlic to clear up skin issues! Battle acne and cold sores by slicing a clove in half and applying directly to the skin. The antibacterial properties help accelerate the healing process.


Garlic can be used to make glue (who knew!) The sticky juice in the cloves is often used as an adhesive, especially for delicate, fragile projects like broken glass. Crush the cloves to get to the sticky stuff!

And, last but not least, garlic is the standard remedy to stave off vampires.

With so many reasons to Bring On The Garlic, we hope to see you soon for a dose!