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Your Pantry, Our Pasta (and Sauces!)

Create Your Favourite Meals With Our Best Ingredients

Here at Pasta Pantry we want you to enjoy fresh, nutritious meals whether you’re at our table or yours. As nice as it is to go out for dinner and have someone else deal with the dishes, sometimes nothing beats a beautiful home-cooked meal in the comfort of your own space.

Cooking is fun, especially with the best ingredients. Our take-away menu ensures that you’ll be stocked up for your next kitchen adventure. Here’s a few of our favourite at-home recipes to enjoy with Pasta Pantry take-away sauces and pastas. We’ve even got you covered for takeaway salads!

Our Pesto Sauce is made with the freshest ingredients and lends perfectly to any protein option. Try a Pesto Chicken Pasta dish with your favourite veggies and Pasta Pantry’s homemade noodles or mix it up with seafood or tofu!

Feeling under the weather? Our fresh pasta shells are the perfect addition to your homemade Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

The meal possibilities with our tomato sauce are endless. Fashion your own meatball subs, italian sausages, eggplant parmigiana or lasagna using our famous Pasta Pantry tomato sauce! Available with meat or strictly veggie, this sauce is always a family favourite.

Meals together are important and cooking is a fun way to create an experience around your dinner. Visit Pasta Pantry for your classic Italian supplies and get adventurous with your menu!