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Our Favourite Italian Pick-Me-Ups

Dessert tastes better with a cappuccino, espresso or latte!

Have you explored our menu? At Pasta Pantry we are known for our homemade pasta –  real, fast and fresh – and we pride ourselves on being ‘Italian At Heart’. Our menu includes many Italian favourites; soups and salads, desserts and drinks. Some of our favourite Italian items are found on the drink list! Try these classic caffeinated pick-me-ups next time you are in for dinner, dessert or both!

Facts about Italian Coffees

The cappuccino was first made in the early 1900s, shortly after the popularization of the espresso machine in 1901.

Because it is considered an essential part of Italian’s daily life, espresso is regulated by the Italian government.

One shot of espresso requires 50 coffee beans.

The term for latte as used in English is a shortened form of the Italian caffè latte, caffelatte or caffellatte, which means “milk coffee”.

On average, Italians drink at least 2 coffee beverages a day – one with breakfast and one with lunch – minimum!