Sweet Treats From Our Pantry: 3 Reasons To Indulge!

Sweeten Up Your Holidays With These Favourites From Pasta Pantry

pasta pantry dessert

The holidays are the sweetest time of year. Family, friends, frivolity and FOOD (or course!) It wouldn’t be a festive meal or seasonal party without the dessert, something we take very seriously over at Pasta Pantry! If you’ve been in for dinner before, you probably know the all star line-up; classic Italian Tiramisu, decadent Chocolate Brownie and sinful Death By Chocolate are the three best reasons to indulge this holiday season. And with catering options available on all three, we’ve sweetened the deal by taking the load off so you can spend more time enjoying the magic of the season.


Aptly described as “sophisticated sin”, our Tiramisu is made with three layers of light and spongey lady fingers that are dipped in espresso coffee (hence “pick me up”). Each layer is smothered in Italian mascarpone cream cheese and then topped with cocoa.

Chocolate Coconut Brownie

A guilty pleasure – chocolate brownie covered and filled with coconut shavings. They say that the brownie is half cookie, half cake, but the brownie has long surpassed its dessert parents. We say that ours is half chocolate, half coconut, all brownie.

Being based on years of improvements in brownie technology and human ingenuity, our brownie is the culmination of those efforts! A guilty pleasure, this brownie is first baked to a perfect, fluffy consistency, then smothered in chocolate and filled with flavourful coconut shavings.


pasta pantry dessert

Death by Chocolate

The dessert first starts with a layer of chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of whip cream and finally a layer of Skor bar crumble to completely cover the whip cream. The process is then restarted and a second layer of all the previous ingredients is added. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.


pasta pantry dessert

‘Tis The Season To Give (and get) a Little Extra!

The Holidays Shouldn’t Leave You Penneless!

It’s that time of year where we want everyone to feel that Christmas bonus! We’re bringing back our value added gift card promotion – it pays to play! From December 1 -24th we will be adding $5 for every $25 you spend. That’s 20% more Pasta Pantry. Let’s Eat!

It’s simple! The more you spend the more you get – a great deal for all you last minute shoppers! From now until December 24th, spend $25 or more and receive 20% value added FREE on increments of $25. Yes, that means if you spend a million, you make a 200K! That’s a LOT of pasta!

Here’s the breakdown of our holiday gift card promotion:

All the way to $1mil=$200k FREE

Please take note of our holiday hours:

Dec 24: 10am-1pm
Dec 25-26: Closed
Dec 27-30: 11am-8pm
Dec 31/Jan 1: Closed
Jan 2: 11am-8pm