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Fuel Your Team With Pasta Pantry

Keep Your Hungry Hungry Hockey Players Fuelled Up

Image courtesy of SPMHA

Hockey Night in Alberta

Hockey season seems to be nearly year round, with outdoor and indoor leagues throughout the fall and winter and camps and street hockey through the remaining months. What can we say, we’re Canadian and hockey is our thing!

Pasta Pantry owner Nathan Satanove spends his fair share of time at the rink supporting his nephew’s minor hockey team. These kids are out there hustling around the ice, multiple times a week. It was there the idea clicked to fuel these little athletes with Pasta Pantry to keep them energized and ready for the next play.

Fuel Your Team

Pasta is an amazing source of carbohydrates and protein, helping to fuel your body by providing energy that is released slowly over time. This crucial fuel for your brain and muscles helps keep young athletes strong and sharp, on and off the ice.

Hockey tournament? Big game day? Victory celebration? These young hockey stars would love a pre-game pasta to amp up for the big event… or a post-game meal to replenish from the hard work. Whatever your team needs, Pasta Pantry is happy to deliver right to the arena. Treat your team, fuel them up, and warm up with your own pasta plate in that chilly arena atmosphere.

Head to our catering page or contact us to learn about options for your team. Let’s eat!