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Behind The Scenes: How We Make Our Fresh Pasta

No Impastas Here!

For over 25 years, fresh pasta has been a staple at Pasta Pantry. We have built our business on the foundation “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast!” which is more than just a catchy slogan. In order to check these three boxes on the daily we start with the ingredients and how we prepare our number one: the pasta! ✔✔✔

At Pasta Pantry we know how much of a difference it makes when it ends up on the most important place: your plate! Our pasta is made fresh daily using the finest durum semolina grown and milled here in Canada – and the best part is you can swing by and pick it up to make in your own kitchen. We carry a wide variety of long and short pastas to perfectly compliment your choice of sauce and protein. Give us a call to find out about pastas of the day or to make special requests!

Behind the scenes in the Pantry’s kitchen

Ingredients? Check! Now it’s time to put it all together:

At the start of 2018 the Pasta Pantry kitchen team welcomed our newest family addition – a Bottene PM96 mixer and extruder named Lola. She traveled all the way from Marano, Italy to join the team and we’re so happy she’s in the mix!

If you’re like us – REALLY enthusiastic about the pasta process – check out this video of a Bottene in action.

Once the pasta is mixed and formed, it simply awaits the company of a delicious, house made sauce. With everything made fresh in our kitchen, our pastas uphold the REAL food promise.

Enjoy at your home or ours – LET’S EAT!