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Be A Sauce Boss With Pasta Pantry’s Take Away Sauces!

We have spent over 25 years perfecting the Pasta Pantry sauce recipe and are thrilled to offer this versatile staple as a take away option to enjoy in your own home. We love when our guests get creative at home with the same passion we make each batch with.

Sauce can add a unique flavour to any dish, pasta and beyond! Whether you’re celebrating the season by firing up the barbecue for a backyard party or you just want to spice up your dishes, adding sauces can lead to new and delicious flavour combinations.

Here’s a few of our favourite ways to be the Sauce Boss and enjoy Pasta Pantry homemade sauces in your own way:



Hailing from Northern Italy, pesto is the perfect mixture of pine nuts, basil and parmesan. This traditional sauce also doubles as a wonderful marinade for your favourite proteins.

Chicken marinated with pesto is an unbeatable combo, but don’t be afraid to experiment! Pesto can also be used alongside salmon and grilled shrimp or as a spread for hamburgers and other sandwiches!

When marinating meats, remember that unless you’re preparing a roast or other large cut of meat, there’s no need to marinate it overnight. According to experts, most cuts only need 4-6 hours to absorb the flavours (if you’re working with seafood, it drops down to 1-2 hours; anything longer and your marinate can actually “cook” the meat and change the texture).



We believe meals just taste better with homemade dressings and we’re always excited about getting those greens in! Both our Caesar and Creamy Italian dressings are the perfect “salad sauce” or addition to any veggie tray or snack plate. Our salad dressings double as delicious dips – try either one with chicken wings or your favourite appetizer!

While these dressings are fine on their own, we encourage you to mix and match different sauces or add new ingredients to personalize your dish. If you come up with an amazing combination, make sure you pass it along to us! That way, we can share it with the world!



Our homemade Alfredo sauce hits it out of the park! Simple and savoury, Pasta Pantry’s take away Alfredo is perfect quick fix if you’re in a pinch or just want less prep time in the kitchen.

Alfredo compliments all types of foods – we recommend swapping out for tomato sauce when making pizza at home! The best part of making a pizza? It’s an easy way to get the whole family involved in dinner.


Interested in using one of our sauces for your next meal at home? Head over to our Marketplace page to see the full list of sauces available for purchase! Let’s Eat!