Fuel Your Team With Pasta Pantry

Keep Your Hungry Hungry Hockey Players Fuelled Up


Image courtesy of SPMHA

Hockey Night in Alberta

Hockey season seems to be nearly year round, with outdoor and indoor leagues throughout the fall and winter and camps and street hockey through the remaining months. What can we say, we’re Canadian and hockey is our thing!

Pasta Pantry owner Nathan Satanove spends his fair share of time at the rink supporting his nephew’s minor hockey team. These kids are out there hustling around the ice, multiple times a week. It was there the idea clicked to fuel these little athletes with Pasta Pantry to keep them energized and ready for the next play.

young hockey players

Fuel Your Team

Pasta is an amazing source of carbohydrates and protein, helping to fuel your body by providing energy that is released slowly over time. This crucial fuel for your brain and muscles helps keep young athletes strong and sharp, on and off the ice.

Hockey tournament? Big game day? Victory celebration? These young hockey stars would love a pre-game pasta to amp up for the big event… or a post-game meal to replenish from the hard work. Whatever your team needs, Pasta Pantry is happy to deliver right to the arena. Treat your team, fuel them up, and warm up with your own pasta plate in that chilly arena atmosphere.

Head to our catering page or contact us to learn about options for your team. Let’s eat!



Get Your Pasta Fasta AND @ 20% Off!

Pasta Pantry is so excited to launch the latest way to get your pasta fasta: online ordering!


Now there’s 3 ways to order ahead. Skip the line and get your meal to go:

  1. The Pasta Pantry App > iOS download & Android download
  2. Through our website > find the Order Online button on our homepage, top right
  3. Through our Facebook page

And what’s better than getting your pasta fasta? Getting it cheapa!

From now until March 1st you can enjoy 20% off your pick-up order when you use one of the 3 online systems. We’ve teamed up with the good folks at ChowNow to ensure the process is smooth and simple – our full menus with pricing are laid out perfectly and you can let us know any special details about your order, just like you would at the counter.

Online ordering is available for pick-up, now or later:

Short lunch hour? Hungry kids on the way home from hockey? These are the perfect times to order ahead and skip the line. We’ll let you know the ready-by time if we’re experiencing high volume and you’ll know exactly when your order will be ready to go. Oh the joys of technology!

Stay up to date on the Pasta Pantry App for exclusive deals!

That’s right – now it’s possible to include specials through our App, so keep your eyes peeled for deals.

We look forward to serving you fasta with our new Online Ordering!





3 Ways To Eat Your Veggies At Pasta Pantry


 Find Your Veggies In The Pantry

Pasta Pantry is known for Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast. We believe in providing options for a healthy and quick meal; 2018 is proving to be full of hustle and staying fuelled is the key ingredient! We love feeding families and understand the importance of sharing a meal together between swimming lessons, social events and homework. More often than not, that “table time” is the pause button in life that we can all relate to amidst the daily grind.

As we settle into this new year, health and happiness is at the forefront. A good hearty meal doesn’t have to weigh you down and, as we all know – balance is key. Enjoy the following healthy selects from Pasta Pantry: our three favourite ways to eat your veggies!

Pasta Pantry’s Homemade Tomato Vegetable Sauce

An Italian classic, loaded with vegetables.




When it comes to our Vegetable Tomato sauce, we don’t hold back. We use only the best vegetables possible – celery, carrots, onions, garlic, red and green bell peppers, zucchini, and of course, tomatoes. But why do we use all of these ingredients? Besides being tasty, these vegetables provide a wide spectrum of health benefits. All of these delicious, nutritious vegetables are packed into our homemade sauce and ready to take home or eat in with your favourite combination of house-made noodles!




Classic Minestrone Soup

Our lunchtime favourite!



“Some of the earliest origins of minestrone soup pre-date the expansion of the Latin tribes of Rome into what became the Roman Kingdom (later Roman Republic and Empire), when the local diet was ‘vegetarian by necessity’ and consisted mostly of vegetables, such as onions, lentils, cabbage, garlic, broad beans, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, and turnips.” Thank you Wikipedia! This is a go to staple for a hearty meal at Pasta Pantry, especially at lunch! Loaded with fresh vegetables and simmered with our house made pasta, this soup is sure to hit the spot – pair it with a salad for bonus points!

Creamy Italian Salad

Fresh and vibrant.




If you’re looking for veggies, our Creamy Italian Salad is the main attraction! Tossed up with freshly chopped romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and purple cabbage with a homemade creamy Italian dressing, this salad is perfectly paired with a Tuscan Chicken Breast or in front of your favourite pasta dish. Remember, we cater! Order up a tray of this crunchy Italian favourite for your next event.



We look forward to feeding our community the freshest most quality ingredients throughout 2018 as we all achieve our goals towards health and happiness. Let’s Eat!

Pasta Pantry Year End Wrap Up

We Came, We Saw, We Ate: Pasta Pantry’s Top 5 Moments of 2017

As we close in on the end of 2017, we’re looking back fondly on the events and happenings that really stood out and filled us with joy! Pasta Pantry has had an exciting year and we’ve loved sharing it with our community. From celebrating 25 years as a Sherwood Park business to sponsoring our local recreation centres and youth health and wellness programs, we’ve been busy with all our favourite things: community, food and family. Here’s a look at our 2017 in review.

This year marked Canada’s 150 year celebration and Pasta Pantry was in the action at Broadmoor Lake Park in Sherwood Park for the region’s best and biggest Canada Day festival. We hosted a Pasketball tournament all day long, sharing our love of the company’s longest running game and taking in the festivities of the community.



We love supporting and giving back to the community, especially when it involves kids and health. Some highlights included the sponsored swim night for Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture and the Fit for the Future program. It’s been so fun watching our community get involved and taking advantage of these programs! We look forward to continuing the growth of these programs in the new year.



Pasta Pantry celebrated 25 years in 2017! We are thrilled that we have served the great community of Sherwood Park for this long and look forward to the next 25 years. Thanks for all your continued support!


pasta pantry

In 2017 Pasta Pantry made the move to open Sundays. We’ve loved opening the pantry doors and sharing Sunday dinners with you and yours!


And last but not least, Pasta Pantry got a rebrand with our new logo! After 25 years we figured we could spice things up a bit and we’re really happy with this new direction! There’s lots more to look forward to in 2018. Stay tuned!


pasta pantry

Wishing you all an amazing new year and sending warm thanks for the last 365 days and all to come. Happy New Year!

Sweet Treats From Our Pantry: 3 Reasons To Indulge!

Sweeten Up Your Holidays With These Favourites From Pasta Pantry

pasta pantry dessert

The holidays are the sweetest time of year. Family, friends, frivolity and FOOD (or course!) It wouldn’t be a festive meal or seasonal party without the dessert, something we take very seriously over at Pasta Pantry! If you’ve been in for dinner before, you probably know the all star line-up; classic Italian Tiramisu, decadent Chocolate Brownie and sinful Death By Chocolate are the three best reasons to indulge this holiday season. And with catering options available on all three, we’ve sweetened the deal by taking the load off so you can spend more time enjoying the magic of the season.


Aptly described as “sophisticated sin”, our Tiramisu is made with three layers of light and spongey lady fingers that are dipped in espresso coffee (hence “pick me up”). Each layer is smothered in Italian mascarpone cream cheese and then topped with cocoa.

Chocolate Coconut Brownie

A guilty pleasure – chocolate brownie covered and filled with coconut shavings. They say that the brownie is half cookie, half cake, but the brownie has long surpassed its dessert parents. We say that ours is half chocolate, half coconut, all brownie.

Being based on years of improvements in brownie technology and human ingenuity, our brownie is the culmination of those efforts! A guilty pleasure, this brownie is first baked to a perfect, fluffy consistency, then smothered in chocolate and filled with flavourful coconut shavings.


pasta pantry dessert

Death by Chocolate

The dessert first starts with a layer of chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of whip cream and finally a layer of Skor bar crumble to completely cover the whip cream. The process is then restarted and a second layer of all the previous ingredients is added. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.


pasta pantry dessert

‘Tis The Season To Give (and get) a Little Extra!

The Holidays Shouldn’t Leave You Penneless!

It’s that time of year where we want everyone to feel that Christmas bonus! We’re bringing back our value added gift card promotion – it pays to play! From December 1 -24th we will be adding $5 for every $25 you spend. That’s 20% more Pasta Pantry. Let’s Eat!

It’s simple! The more you spend the more you get – a great deal for all you last minute shoppers! From now until December 24th, spend $25 or more and receive 20% value added FREE on increments of $25. Yes, that means if you spend a million, you make a 200K! That’s a LOT of pasta!

Here’s the breakdown of our holiday gift card promotion:

All the way to $1mil=$200k FREE

Please take note of our holiday hours:

Dec 24: 10am-1pm
Dec 25-26: Closed
Dec 27-30: 11am-8pm
Dec 31/Jan 1: Closed
Jan 2: 11am-8pm


5 Ways To Ease Into The Holidays Stress-Free

pasta pantry holidays

Stay Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is behind us and there’s snow on the ground. Next up? THE HOLIDAYS! The season stretches over the next few months, whether you’re getting shopping done early, thinking about that family vacation or gearing up to host the gang at your home. At Pasta Pantry we know time is precious and good meals are the staple to keep you fuelled and ready; here’s our top 5 ways to ease through the holiday season while balancing your time and health.

Prepare healthy, balanced meals. This probably appears on every “stress-free” list that exists and although it may be easier said than done, fuelling your body with the proper nutrients is a key to lowering stress and feeling on top of life. Let us help you make this a little easier by grabbing healthy, homemade sauces and fresh pastas from Pasta Pantry to keep on hand for quick and easy meals.

sherwood park pasta pantry

Turn off technology and get outside! Baby, it’s cold out there but it’s nothing we’re not used to. Fresh air is good for the soul and time in nature helps reduce stress immensely. Put down your phone, turn off Netflix and get out into the community! Swing by Pasta Pantry for something from our espresso machine to fuel your adventure.

Sherwood Park specialty coffee

Get thoughtful gifts from local vendors, early! Imagine being done shopping in November… ahhh, the bliss! Might we suggest Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas Shopping Extravaganza on November 12, 2017. With over 150 vendors on display there is truly something for everyone!

pasta pantry holiday ideas

Planning a party? Get it catered! Pasta Pantry specializes in feeding large groups delicious meals. Plan out your office party, Boxing Day feast or family gathering and let us take care of the food.

Give back to the community. The holidays can be a hard time, especially with the cold weather and lack of resources. Donating your time or supplies can be an amazing way to revitalize – your contribution is a win-win situation. Here’s a full list of Alberta donation centres.

We would also like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Canadian armed forces with Remembrance Day coming up this Saturday. Champions of giving back to our community, we send full respect and thanks for all they do and have done.

pasta pantry holiday ideas

Cheers to easing into the holidays, spending time with family, eating well and taking care of ourselves and others. What are your favourite tips to reduce stress over the holidays?



Fresh Pastas You Hasta Try – At Your Home Or Ours!

At Pasta Pantry we only serve the freshest homemade pasta!

sherwood park pasta pantry

Pasta Pantry is all about letting you take a load off and enjoy a healthy, delicious home-cooked meal, whether that’s at your home or ours! Our fresh pasta is made right in our kitchen; it’s ready to be served up here so you can skip the dishes or available for take-away for you to enjoy in your own home.

All of our homemade pastas are made fresh daily from Canadian grown and milled durum semolina. We carry a wide variety of long and short pastas to perfectly compliment your choice of sauce and protein.

Planning a meal with friends? Thinking ahead to Christmas catering? We’ve got you covered. Our catering menu is an amazing, no-fuss option that allows you to relax as your guests enjoy.

Enjoy cooking? Grab any one of our short or long pastas which range from angel hair to tortellini – and don’t forget the sauce!

We are looking forward to another amazing holiday season in the community, making your life a little easier and tastier, one pasta at a time.

Please call ahead (780-467-3777) for pastas of the day or to make special requests.

Sunday Meals At Pasta Pantry

Bring Your Family To Ours – We’re Officially Open Sundays!

pasta pantry sherwood park

Pasta Pantry started with a family. Like most families, this one was always on the go. Even though they were short on cooking time, they didn’t want to fall short on the quality of their family dinners. Over 25 years later, family still matters to us. Whoever you consider yours to be, they’re welcome here. We serve hot, delicious comfort food made right in our kitchen, and we do it fast so you can slow down. We’re a family. And when you come to Pasta Pantry, you’re one of us.

The Satanove family grew up in restaurants, knowing the hustle of cramped cooking time and preparing quality meals in a pinch. To this day they regard delicious, healthy family meals as a core value – they’re no stranger to the Sunday family dinner happening at the restaurant!

We are incredibly excited to try on Sundays at our second home, Pasta Pantry. Enjoy the weekend’s end as we take care of the dishes and don’t forget we offer take away options to fuel you through your week. Come by anytime from 11am-8pm with your friends, family or solo for real food, real fast, real fresh!









Add Pasta Pantry Catering To Your Fall Routine

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things With Some Help From Pasta Pantry Catering


Ahh the fall has arrived – maybe not technically on the calendar, but in the rhythm and routine of life! Students are back in their desks, holidays are wrapped up and we’re getting back into the swing of things in our homes and workplaces. At Pasta Pantry we are always looking to provide you with real food, real fresh, real fast, especially as everyone gets busier with work, school and commitments.


If you’re planning an office function, something for the kids or a fall birthday or celebration, we’ve got you covered. Head to our catering page to learn more about this awesome service. With just a few days notice we’ll have everything ready to go, delivered to your place of choice! (delivery charge varies depending on location).

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our catering service. We can’t wait to serve you!