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Want to prepare it yourself? Going to a potluck? With just couple days notice we’ll have it ready to go! It’s all here: trays, sauces, dressings, desserts. Bring On The Garlic! You will get that same great taste but served at your table. Please note that we make all of our trays to order. We do prefer 48 hours lead time but we will do our best to accommodate you. GST is not included. You can also pick these trays up hot, ready to serve. The 10 serving tray size is $79.95 per pan. The 20 servings tray size is $134.95 per pan.

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Pasta Trays

Pasticcio Trays

A Pasticcio is our version of lasagna. A mixture of short pastas, sauce and cheeses. We have three types of Pasticcio: The original with Meat sauce,Vegetarian packed full of hearty vegetables and Hot Italian Sausage for those who like their pasta with a kick. Ask about our Gluten Free version.

6-10 servings $79.95
15-20 servings $134.95

Pasta Pantry Mac N’ Cheese

Pasta Pantry\’s version of the Mac and Cheese is not just for kids! We use a perfect mixture of heavy cream & four high end cheeses: Grana Padano Parmigiano, Pecorino Romano, Ricotta and Asiago. If there\’s a cheese heaven, you\’re already in it. Kids love it and so do adults. This dish can be made gluten free. 

6-10 serving $79.95
15-20 serving $134.95

Baked Penne Alfredo

Penne pasta, alfredo sauce,mozzarella & parmigiano cheese. Your choice of whole wheat or white penne.

6-10 serving $79.95
15-20 serving $134.95


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Chicken Parmigiana

We start with a fresh organic never frozen zero pump 8oz chicken breast, oven baked in tomato sauce, covered with parmigianio and mozzarella cheese then seasoned with Italian herbs.

Per piece $6.00

Oven Roasted Italian Sausage

 Spicy Italian Sausages roasted with garlic & bell peppers in our homemade tomato sauce. Great on the side or right on top of your pasta. Also try it on a bun. Our sausage is made by a local producer right in the heart of Edmonton’s Little Italy.

Per piece $5.25


Our giant homemade hand-rolled meatballs are a perfect mixture of beef and pork, seasoned just right and great with any meal. They are also gluten free!

Per Dozen $23.95


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Pasta Pantry Caesar

Fresh romaine lettuce, croutons and grana padano parmigianio cheese with a zesty homemade garlic caesar dressing. Can be made gluten free. Bring On The Garlic!

6-10 servings $44.95
15-20 servings

Creamy Italian

Fresh romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and purple cabbage with a homemade creamy Italian dressing. Our Italian salad trays are gluten free.

6-10 servings $44.95
15-20 servings $64.95


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Aptly described as “sophisticated sin”, our Tiramisu is made with three layers of light and spongey lady fingers that are dipped in espresso coffee (hence “pick me up”). Each layer is smothered in Italian mascarpone cream cheese and then topped with cocoa.

Per tray $45.00

Chocolate Coconut Brownie

A guilty pleasure – chocolate brownie covered and filled with coconut shavings.

Per tray $45.00

Death by Chocolate

The dessert first starts with a layer of chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of whip cream and finally a layer of Skor bar crumble to completely cover the whip cream. The process is then restarted and a second layer of all the previous ingredients is added. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.

Per tray $45.00



Fresh basil, pine nuts, and garlic. A classic.

8 oz $8.95
12 oz $11.95

Pasta Sauce

Meat Sauce*, Hot Italian Sausage, Tomato Vegetable*, Alfredo, Four Cheese*
*Gluten Free

8 oz. $5.95
12 oz. $6.95
16 oz $7.95
32 oz $12.95


Creamy Italian and Caesar (Gluten Free). Bring On The Garlic!

8oz $7.96
12 oz $8.95
16 oz $9.95
32 oz $17.95

Fresh Pasta

Short Pasta

Cavatappi, Fusilli, Penne, Radiatore, Rizatone, Rotelle, Shells, Ziti

Per 100 grams $1.10

Long Pasta

Angel Hair, Buccatini,Fettucini, Linguine, Mafalda, Spaghetti

Per 100 grams $1.10



Available in White and Whole wheat. Buns come with butter portions

Dozen $4.50
Each $.38

Place Settings

Paper plate, fork, knife, napkin, salt & pepper




Delivery is only offered when ordering off the catering menu. Delivery price varies on your location. $20 is the minimum charge for delivery

Per serving $20.00