Over the years we’ve gotten a lot positive feedback! Thanks everyone! If you want to send your own in, use the mailing address info@pastapantry.net – Here are some of our favourite notes.

I love the Mac n Cheese!

– Darby

They come to each table to ask if we need anything. The service is fantastic!

– Jared Holliday

Tiramisu to die for!

– Judy Pitt

I enjoyed the service and food. Definitely coming back!

– John Trollston

I love it! I come in at least once a week!

-Maria C. Gago

I love your gluten free Pasta! Really helps us celiacs!

– Jordan Larson

Pasta Pantry has the best pasta in Canada!

– Bobby B.

I’ve been coming to Pasta Pantry for 15 years! I love the food!

– Linda Vongrad

Pasta Pantry is always YUMMY, thanks a lot!

– Grace Arnason

Awesome place to eat, my personal favourite!

– Amanda Gibbons

Pasta Pantry is absolutely delicious! Best Pesto & Hot Italian Sausage sauce around!

– Cameron New

I love this place! Amazing service and wonderful food. Thank you! 🙂

– Janae Meldrem

Congratulations! Best Caesar salad EVER!

– Craig Dyrvik

We’ve been coming here since you first opened…LOVE IT!

– Maya & Jason Morris

I absolutely love the food here and the quality has remained over all the years.

Megan Belong

Ill be a customer for as long as you open!

Dorothy Roberts

The salad & pasta meal was excellent & filling. Great friendly service!

Kathy Brapa

Best Vegetable sauce! The Pasta Pantry  Meatballs are to die for!

Mrs. Lorraine Campbell

We love Pasta Pantry! My girls love how quick, tasty, and healthy. My girls love it!

Maggie Mckinley

Love the gluten free options! Excellent always the highest quality!

Chris Johnson

Everything is always great here. Been eating here for 20 years!

Jayson Leuwer

Excellent food and service!
I’ve been coming here for over 10 years – first with my motorcycle group, and now with several guests to share the experience.

Noreen Down

I love pasta. Even though I make it at home all the time, I still come back again and again to Pasta Pantry. Their selection is amazing and they ALWAYS have high quality food and fast, friendly service. It’s definitely one of my favourite spots to feed my face.

David Clark

The Pasta Pantry is hands down the best place to get pasta! All of their pastas, sauces, dressings and giant meatballs are made from scratch daily! The service is excellent and I love their all you can eat pastas. This gem has been in Sherwood park for about twenty years with the same family running it. If you like pasta as much as I do, you’ll love the Pasta Pantry. You need to try their homemade desserts too! WOWZA! They also do party platters and catering for small and large groups; you can also you pick up pasta to cook yourself at home! This is the ultimate place for pasta!

Restaurant Guru

Pasta Pantry is a 21st century wine & dine experience. I’ve spoken on how much I love the food before so now I’ll focus on the new restaurant. The design is sexy and  there are a lot of great finishing touches that make the restaurant a great place to eat. The staff is always kind and helpful and they always work hard to make sure that each customer is satisfied and full of delicious Italian food. Now with the new restaurant settling in, it’s time to franchise the Past Pantry & Trattoria! Every city needs to have one!

John Marsh

This little hole in the wall has expanded and the change is a welcome one. More space and nicer atmosphere – but still on the cafeteria side of things. The pasta and sauces are great and they make one of the best pestos I’ve ever had (even better than my own recipe!)


I’ve been eating in and taking out of the Pasta Pantry for about 6 years now. I have yet to be disappointed because I always get quality foods and outstanding service. Their sauces are phenomenal and their Death by Chocolate is the most mouthwatering dessert I’ve ever had. Make sure you give them a call ahead of time; they’ve been known to fill up quick. Everything is home cooked and made within the walls and I can’t wait to buy their sauces soon.