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Your Super Bowl Party Won’t be Complete Without These Foods!

What would a party, especially a Super Bowl party, be without food? From sandwiches and sliders to chips and dip, this annual event is responsible for bringing fans young and old together for a Sunday fun day. With the 50th Super Bowl coming up, we wanted to recommend a few foods worth having as you cheer your favourite team to victory. Sure you could prepare these yourself, but if you would rather take a break from the kitchen and spend that time with your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place.

1) How About Some Italian Sausages?

If you think these sausages can only be an entree, you’ve got another thing coming. Made from a deli located in the heart of Edmonton’s Little Italy, these Italian sausages the real deal. After roasting them with a healthy amount of onions, the sausages are then get added to a huge pot full of our homemade tomato sauce alongside some green and red peppers. We do is so that the sausages can absorb all of those flavours before they reach your plate. These sausages can be enjoyed by themselves, as a side, or even as a sandwich, making them a pretty versatile option regardless of what you’re in the mood for. For only $4.25 per sausage, you can treat your guests to a tasty Italian sausage!


2) Meatballs for Everyone!

Meatballs are by far the quintessential Super Bowl snack. Whether you want to have them with pasta, as a sandwich, or by themselves, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying this Italian staple. Each one of our meatballs first begins in a big bowl; after adding salt and pepper to this mixture of ground beef and pork, we begin hand rolling them into the giant meatballs that you’ve probably seen at Pasta Pantry. Much like the sausages, these meatballs then get placed into a pool of sauce before getting devoured.  A dozen meatballs can be yours for only $17.95; make sure you grab enough for everyone to enjoy!

IMG_4544 (3)

3) Pick the Pasticcio!

The Pasta Pantry Pasticcio, our MVP, should need no introduction. This dish been responsible for bringing everyone in the Edmonton area to our trattoria and we hope that your guests can sink their teeth into this dish during the big game. Our pasticcio can be topped with 3 sauces: Meat, Hot Italian Sausage, and Vegetable, all of which offer a completely different experience. Made with a variety of pasta cuts, the pasticcio combines the best things in life (pasta, sauce, and cheese) together for a meal that can’t be beat. If you’re trying to eliminate gluten from you diet, our pasticcio can also be made gluten free; just let us know when you order it and we’ll be extra careful with your order. If you’re looking to have enough pasticcio to go around, you’ve got two options: the 6-10 serving tray for $64.95 or the 15-20 serving tray for $114.95. Either way, you can go wrong when it comes to having pasticcio.


There’s a good chance that these foods made your mouth water uncontrollably (to be perfectly honest, we’re experiencing that same hungry feeling as well). If you’re thinking about bringing some Pasta Pantry to your Super Bowl party, give us a call at 780-467-3777 to place your order today. You can also visit our Catering page to see the full list of foods we offer. Our phones are always ringing during Super Bowl weekend, so we would prefer if you gave us at least 48 hours notice when ordering your food. We hope you have an amazing Super Bowl Party!