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5 Ways To Ease Into The Holidays Stress-Free

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Stay Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is behind us and there’s snow on the ground. Next up? THE HOLIDAYS! The season stretches over the next few months, whether you’re getting shopping done early, thinking about that family vacation or gearing up to host the gang at your home. At Pasta Pantry we know time is precious and good meals are the staple to keep you fuelled and ready; here’s our top 5 ways to ease through the holiday season while balancing your time and health.


Prepare healthy, balanced meals.

This probably appears on every “stress-free” list that exists and although it may be easier said than done, fuelling your body with the proper nutrients is a key to lowering stress and feeling on top of life. Let us help you make this a little easier by grabbing healthy, homemade sauces and fresh pastas from Pasta Pantry to keep on hand for quick and easy meals.

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Turn off technology and get outside!

Baby, it’s cold out there but it’s nothing we’re not used to. Fresh air is good for the soul and time in nature helps reduce stress immensely. Put down your phone, turn off Netflix and get out into the community! Swing by Pasta Pantry for something from our espresso machine to fuel your adventure.

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Get thoughtful gifts from local vendors, early!

Imagine being done shopping in November… ahhh, the bliss! Might we suggest Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas Shopping Extravaganza on November 12, 2017. With over 150 vendors on display there is truly something for everyone!

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Planning a party? Get it catered!

Pasta Pantry specializes in feeding large groups delicious meals. Plan out your office party, Boxing Day feast or family gathering and let us take care of the food.

Give back to the community.

The holidays can be a hard time, especially with the cold weather and lack of resources. Donating your time or supplies can be an amazing way to revitalize – your contribution is a win-win situation. Here’s a full list of Alberta donation centres.

We would also like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Canadian armed forces with Remembrance Day coming up this Saturday. Champions of giving back to our community, we send full respect and thanks for all they do and have done.

pasta pantry holiday ideas

Cheers to easing into the holidays, spending time with family, eating well and taking care of ourselves and others. What are your favourite tips to reduce stress over the holidays?