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3 Healthy Foods You Need to Try at Pasta Pantry!

At Pasta Pantry, we’re all about healthy choices. And while we pride ourselves on giving you a meal that follows our motto of “Real Food, Real Fresh, Real Fast,” we’re anything but fast food. It can be tough to find a meal that’s fast, affordable, and most importantly, delicious. That’s why we want to make sure you know about these 3 healthy foods available during your next trip at Pasta Pantry.


Grab a Bowl of Tomato Soup!

There’s a good reason why tomato soup is loved by kids and adults. While canned soups have come under fire for being high in sodium, our tomato soup is made from fresh tomatoes, herbs, spices, and a blend of our finest cheeses (we even garnish it with a bit of garlic croutons!) Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, a powerful nutrient that protects from free radical damage and chronic diseases. They also contain selenium and copper, two minerals that are vital for strengthening your bones and your nervous system.

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Pile Your Plate With Our Pesto!

Sauces often get a bad rap, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t top your pasta with any one of our Pasta Pantry sauces. While we could show you plenty of reasons why each of our sauces are worth having, we got to give it to our fantastic pesto.

Unlike those sauces you’ve seen at the store, our pesto is made fresh using the highest quality ingredients out there. When you add pesto to your plate, you’re getting all kinds of healthy benefits, including monounsaturated fats from the olive oil, Vitamin K from the basil, iron and magnesium from the pine nuts. Of course, we can’t forget one of our favourite ingredients, garlic, and its high amount of antioxidants and its ability to naturally detoxify the body (to learn more about garlic, check out this post).



Meatballs: The More The Merrier!

Protein might be best known for building muscle, but that’s just scratching the surface. This essential macronutrient is directly linked to more energy, an increased metabolism, a strong immune system, and so much more. When you have one of our giant meatballs made fresh at Pasta Pantry, not only will you complement practically every dish on our menu, but you’ll also get a healthy dose of protein in your system. Read this post to see how we make our meatballs.



Are you craving some Pasta Pantry after seeing these delectable dishes? If so, stop by your local trattoria today for a visit! To see more of what we’ve got, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you take a picture and tag us during your next Pasta Pantry trip, we promise that we’ll share it to our followers and make you famous!